Zoomer Incursion

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The Zoomer Incursion

Multitudes of Zoomers descend on WTT
DateJuly 11th, 2019 - July 31st, 2019 (2 weeks and 6 days)
WTT Discord
 WTT The Zoomer Alliance
Units involved
120 Bimmers 6 Dabbers

The Zoomer Incursion was a brief invasion by cringe Zoomers from another Discord, who allegedly were /r9k/ lurkers. The whole affair was rather cringe itself and its preferred nobody talks about it.

The Invasion

The trouble started when the Zoomers in their Discord searched NotSoBot for the Dark Souls meme video "Gives Me Conniptions" by Prude[1]. As the video description includes a Discord invite to WTT, it was embedded along with the search result. So many, possibly all, of the members joined over. Immediately they cringed up the welcome chat, but calmed down enough to be welcomed in. A few even participated in a game night.

The Zoomer Holocaust & Aftermath

The turn against the Zoomers came on July 31st, when their cringe ways returned and they began unironically Yang Ganging and polluting channels. An executive decision was made by Taylor Swift to ban them all and pretend like the affair never happened.