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Leader & Mods

The Pipe Hitters

Some of the best of the worst in the WIDEVERSE

The Rest of the Crew

(Who are also cool and good)

Former Big Posters

Gone(ish) but not forgotten

  • Gauze - Fuck Gauze
  • Jesusboii
  • Petrus - Immortalized for giving [Ashes of Alar] to a pug. Also for keeping COMMUNISM during the Dark Ages.
  • Secondary - He cheated in that race
  • Nuggsbunny - The Canadian Joint Destroyer

Fedi Friends

Former Leaders & Mods

A list of former members, gone but not forgotten (but we wish they were)


Friend Zone

  • Jorgan - Split Friend Zone off
  • Shik


  • Capitaler - Retired from Rust
  • Cal Worthington - Rage quit because Taylor called him a fucknut
  • Ashy - Rage quit because God knows what set him off this time
  • Gmach - Rage quit because Taylor wouldn't let him harass people
  • Future - Rage quit because Taylor wouldn't let him create a Battlefield splinter group
  • Rejdukien
  • Hazlen
  • Lancek


  • Chaosorb - ORANGE MAN BAD
  • Snazzle - Couldnt handle getting bullied about his nuclear 2016 Election takes
  • Scarybagels - Banned for pedophilia
  • Tallgeese - Banned for pedophilia
  • Shadowgate - Rage quit over Trump winning
  • Katy Perrys Milk Tits - Ragequit because someone disagreed with him over what a Rust item was called
  • Ass-Haggis - One too many microaggressions
  • Hindered - No one played PUBG with him. Press F.
  • ADL - Lost his Desert Bitcoins and went insane
  • Dilbert - Drinker and 日本人 dicker
  • Alt - Diversity Hire
  • PDB
  • Dianic
  • Pigeon - Yoko Ono'd

Enemies & Rivals



  • Koal Krew - The most elite and delicious group in WTT
  • Virtual Bois - Second most elite group, boys who do VR
  • Gaymers - People who play games in a gaming group
  • Lord of the Waifus - Real Ones tm who love anime
  • BEEFY BOYS - Originally a split group, now actually good
  • Fucko Foundry - Ive said enough already
  • Goons - yikes
  • COMMUNISM Historical Society - The keepers of the flame, the maintainers of the wiki, the remembers of things.