Shelarahn's Rebellion

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Shelarahn's Rebellion

Shelarahn and Spaceballs lock eyes from across the battlefield
DateDecember 4th 2007
Result End of 1st Golden Age of COMMUNISM
COMMUNISMSpaceballs Loyalists COMMUNISMShelarahn Loyalists
Commanders and leaders
Spaceballs Shelarahn
Units involved
Casualties and losses
Spaceballs pride None

Shelarahn's Rebellion (Also called the 1st COMMUNISM CIVIL WAR) was a massive schism within COMMUNISM that arose from disagreements from COMMUNISM guild leader, Spaceballs, and freshman officer, Shelarahn. The Civil War would result in the short term death of COMMUNISM, and the loss of many original members.

Lead Up

In the months after the formation of COMMUNISM, the guilds leadership structure was mostly Spaceballs, his fiance Malade, and a few of his friends, with no real mind towards growth. After the late summer merger of Vengeance Pending and COMMUNISM to the short lived NOT A DEMOCRACY, then back to COMMUNISM, one of the former VP officers who was now a co-GM, promoted aspiring raider and one of the guilds main tanks, Shelarahn, to officer. The guild had been plagued with problems, mostly stemming from the total lack of raid leadership, leading to countless hours lost to wiping on Gruul and Serpentshrine Cavern. With the promotion of Shelarahn however, it allowed for younger leadership and for a second Karazhan raid group to be formed, allowing more members to get geared even faster so that the guild as a whole could flourish.

However, Shelarahn did not exactly always see eye to eye with the rest of the leadership, specifically Spaceballs and Malade, who he saw as incompetent and sleeping their way to the top, respectively. Tempers flared regularly both in guild chat and officer chat as Spaceballs tried to pull rank on Shelarahn. One of the primary points of dispute the two in the waning months of COMMUNISM became the issue of one of the members who was a notorious multi-boxer, and act Spaceballs saw as detrimental to the group, as he thought that the player was stealing a raid spot.


Tensions hit a boiling point on the night of December 4th, 2007 when Spaceballs told Shelarahn via in-game whispers, that he was to remove the multi-boxer from his raid group, as he was in both of the guilds Karazhan runs that night. Shelarahn refused because it didn't make any sense to remove a raider when there were none on standby to take his place. Shelarahns raid group was already at odds with Spaceballs, and his new demands werent making them any happier. Spaceballs removed the multi-boxer from the guild, and as a result, all of Shelarahns raid group also left COMMUNISM, temporarily joining the multi-boxers alt guild, Rage.

Spaceballs was furious, but there was little he could do at this point. He doubled down as more members continued to leave. Within the week, over half his raiding force was gone, and the remaining half were burnt out.


Shelarahns raid group went on to form a guild called Scholars and Gentlemen, which would later itself die out due to various factors such as mismanagement and internal strife.

COMMUNISM would not recover until a year or more later after Spaceballs returned from his hiatus and renewed the guild, bringing about the 2nd COMMUNISM.