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A short collection of Taylors thoughts on the history of The WIDEVERSE and decisions made in documenting its storied 20+ year history

10/30/22: Fediverse Expansion

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Over the next few months the primary focus of the editors of The WIDVERSE Wiki will be expanding our articles relating to "The Fediverse". Providing a partially objective place to document the happenings, groups, and peoples of the diverse culture of the mostly Pleroma based side of Fediverse is extremely important in my opinion. We of course respect the existing "Fediverse Wiki" but it is incompletely, rarely updated, and shamefully biased.

9/22/22: The Incel Question


As the history of The 3rd COMMUNISM Civil War began to be written in late 2018, tempers were still high, anger was still fresh, and wounds still open. In that disgruntled state, much of the naming scheme of the events was invented purely for shock factor and insult, giving way to the name "Incel Uprising" and of course "The Incels" to refer to the former admins that split off of BMW during the event.

As we move forward with documenting history, however, we find that we look back and see things in a more neutral stance and understand that in context, things may have made since, but in the future as new generations of Biggers began learning about our past, these names give certain implications and connotations that may not be accurate. The name "The Incels" came from a one off statement made in private by one of the admins taking entirely out of context but was blown up for comedic affect as well as a propaganda tool.

With those things in mind, I believe now as we continue to deescalate from old rivalries and childish feuds, it's important to clarify such things. As such, I made the decision to rename The Incel Uprising and The Incels to The Wonka Uprising and The Wonkas, respectively. Some will probably call me a pussy for this, but its been almost 5 years, it's time to move on and get over it and let historical things lie in proper context, especially as we continue to see numerous returns in members from that era.