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Born25 Years Ago
ResidenceDirty South
Other namesWavemaster44, Garoad, Kaiba112, Shelarahn, Primary, Dr. Fatticus, Taylor Swift, Witch King Taylor Swift, Taylor Silver, Tyler Quick, Robin Sena
OccupationThe WideKing, Director of MOTHER
Years active2002-2010, 2012-Present
Something Awful (Formerly)
Friend Zone
ATB (Formerly)
Notable work
Leading the coup against Spaceballs in the 1st COMMUNISM CIVIL WAR, Co-founding Friend Zone, leading the revival of COMMUNISM in 2013, founding BMW/WTT
Net worthA lot
PredecessorSpaceballs as COMMISSAR, Capitaler & Kimsemus as leader of BMW
SuccessorAlexanderDeLarge & Peaches
Political partyNationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei
Awards2007 New COMMIE of the Year, 4x COMMIE of the Year ('08, '09, '12, '15), 2x BEEFSTER of the Year ('19, '20), 3x Content Creator of the Year ('18, '19, '20), Spaceballs Lifetime Achievement Award 2018

Taylor (Full Username: Taylarahn but better known as Taylor Swift or Shelarahn) is one of the founding members of the WIDEVERSE, former leader of BMW & WTT, former COMMISSAR of COMMUNISM, and current WideKing of Wideboys. Considered to be one of the most influential members of the WIDEVERSE, he remains a legend (in his mind) to this day. He also has (is) a MASSIVE dick.


Taylor was born a poor black child, sittin' on the porch with family, singin' and dancin' down in Mississippi...

Garoad/Kaiba112 Era (2002-2006)


Screenshot from 2004 of Kaiba112.

Taylors shitposting career began in 2002 when he joined a Runescape clan called Warriors Gate led by an angry Turkish man. Taylor relentlessly bullied the roach for months, before he broke down and gave up running the clan. From there, he joined Dark Fire500s clan called Severed Veins. During this time, Taylor played on an account called Kaiba112 because a rando on the clan forums gave away the account, not because he liked YuGiOh (Who do you think he is? Pigeon?)

The Shelarahn Era (2007-2015)

World of Warcraft

Runescape eventually became old hat, and he migrated for greener pastures, specifically in the form of World of Warcraft on the US server Gorgonnash. Taylor rolled an undead warrior named Shelarahn. This was late Classic/Early BC, so leveling, especially as a warrior, was slow going. As such, despite beginning in mid-November, Taylor only managed to reach level 50 by April 1st. The next 3 months were sparse gaming wise after a move that left him with dial-up internet in TYOOL 2007, but by Fall, DSL was installed. Taylor joined a guild called ShadowVipers that specialized in running old raids, mostly due to the guild master, Xermus, who had gotten snubbed in Classic from getting Thunderfury, trying to reclaim old glory. Shockingly this style of leadership quickly failed, and ShadowWipers mostly fell apart. This left Taylor without a guild, as shitty as it was.

In April of 2007, a guild had formed on Gorgonnash led by Umbral Sect flameouts, trade chat trolls, and forum shitposters called COMMUNISM. By late 2007, the guild was notorious across the entire battlegroups. Taylor was intrigued by this, since it was 100% his jam. He messaged the guilds recruitment officer, Icarus, and got invited to the shitposting haven. COMMUNISM, unlike ShadowWipers, was actually attempting to progress in the games content, and ran weekly 10 man Karazhan groups, which Taylor secured main tank positions in. Eventually, Taylor was made an officer in COMMUNISM and the raid leader of the main Karazhan group. The guild leader, Spaceballs long planned to move the guild into higher tiers of raiding, and eventually the group began farming Gruul and moving into Tempest Keep. However, one of the primary members of Taylors raid group was a multiboxer, who despite that was extremely competent. Spaceballs did not like this however, and demanded that Taylor force him to play only one character, which Taylor would not do. Taylors raid group in protest left COMMUNISM, beginning the 1st COMMUNISM Civil War. The group stayed in the multiboxers clan RAGE for a week until they formed their own clan Scholars and Gentlemen which poached most the raiders from COMMUNISM. However, the effort was short lived and the guild was dead a few weeks later. Taylor rejoined one of his newbie days guilds, Guns for Hire, for a while to continue raiding Karazhan in early 2008.

In Summer of 2008, one of the top 3 raiding guilds on the server, Damage Done begun heavily recruiting hunters (Of which Taylor was now primarily playing) and Taylor happened to be one of, if not the, best geared hunters not in a raiding guild. However, the leaders of Damage Done despised Taylor from his trolling in COMMUNISM and career in forums shitposting. Taylor did some posturing and false contrition and they fell for it and let him in, showering him in epics as he dominated the DPS charts. This lasted for all of summer and fall until the launch of Wrath of the Lich King when hunters got a class overhaul and wasn't a two button class anymore, so Taylor quit raiding and the guild, after a short but beautiful meltdown.

Spaceballs reappeared in late 2009, reforming COMMUNISM. Taylor rejoined because who else was going to take him. This is when Taylor met Prude and Jorgan. They tried some Naxxramas raiding but as usual Spaceballs was a shitty leader and the whole mess lasted maybe 2 months before everyone left for better guilds and Spaceballs disappeared. In December however, Spaceballs briefly reemerged and sold the guild to Taylor for 10,000 gold (which at the time was kind of a lot). This effectively made Taylor the COMMISSAR (even if Spaceballs would dispute that to his dying day). Taylor tried to bring COMMUNISM back, briefly getting a small raid group going, but he gave it all up in March of 2010 when he went to college.


When Taylor went to college in 2010, he ditched most gaming. He gave COMMUNISM to some rando and only got on Steam to play with Prude. It was a real tough scene.

Return to WoW

In April of 2012, Jorgan contacted Taylor on Facebook telling him about a new guild they had put together with Prude and some other Gorgonnash nerds called Friend Zone. Taylor stupidly relented and decided to begin playing again. The first month was leveling and generic gearing, as everyone else was already level cap but Shelarahn as a returning player, was not. The raid cycle was already several months in Dragon Soul, so competition in raiding was mostly dead on the server, Darkspear US. Vox Radix was the big dog clan on the server, also the clan that Jorgan had left to pursue their own venture. The group began very casual raiding as a group of friends in Raid Finder then Normal Dragon Soul.

During the relative downtime of a late expansion, some of the new friends Shelarahn had made were invited to play on Gorgonnash US, and it was here that he got back in contact with Petrus and got access to the original COMMUNISM guild.

The guild began to take off as the personalities and culture of Friend Zone began attracting new people willing to raid. By August, the guild had two raid groups, one led by Jorgan and one led by Shelarahn, clearing Heroic Mode. On September 25th, Mist of Pandaria launched, starting the server first battle anew. Shelarahn decided to level his hunter instead of his druid for this raid tier, which later proved to be a big mistake. It was also when Shelarahns internet began doing one of its quarterly bits, majorly hampering the ability to raid. The guild began to get better and get closer to Vox Radix in terms of kills, but Friend Zone was still missing some key components.

It was here that Jorgan and Shelarahn began a mission to merge another Darkspear US guild into Friend Zone. The guild in question was comprised of former Alliance players from the old server, Gorgonnash US. The group also still harbored ill feelings towards Shelarahn from his COMMUNISM days. With this existing hate, coupled with Shelarahns inability to raid because of internet problems, Shelarahns influence on the group began to wane. A guild called Check Please, who were recent transfers to Darkspear US, came forward around January with a proposition to merge with Friend Zone to create a megaguild that was guaranteed to beat Vox Radix. Jorgan and Shelarahn once again were tasked with orchestrating the merger. However, Check Pleases demands skewed more towards absorption than merger. Shelarahn tanked the deal, much to the anger of Jorgan.

The breaking point was after guild whore and streamer, Alinity, was offered a sponsorship deal via Friend Zone, but refused. Shelarahn was rightfully upset at this, as it would have funded guild activities for years to come. Jorgan however presented to push back, for whatever reasons. Every became even more hostile towards Shelarahn, until in a final desperation move, Shelarahn doxxed Crownic, Alinitys "boyfriend", to Check Please (also a customer of Shelarahns hosting business).

Jorgans turn against Shelarahn begins

The whole thing was a shit show and by May of 2013, Taylor had been kicked out. Nothing happened really for months until Prude came back from his slumming in Texas.


Shelarahn cosplaying as The Unibomber during a Skype group call

With Prude back, and Petrus giving guild leader back to Shelarahn, the duo restarted the group. Prude recruited his IRL friend Pigeon in and some of the refugees from Friend Zone convinced them to play on the US server Lightninghoof. As an intro to the server, Shelarahn began making ISIS style masked manifesto videos as forums posts. The idea took off like wildfire, and would later be used in other ventures. The group attracted several personalities from Lightninghoof, brought back a few old friends, and even recruited some players from Darkspear who had also been run out of Friend Zone. COMMUNISM was firing on all cylinders once again, fully engaged in trolling, including a possible Dutch cancer patient.

In April of 2014, Pigeon brought the idea of playing the upcoming MMO, Wildstar to the boys. Wildstar launched and this is where Taylor met Solgnir and Sicari. Wildstar is where Taylor began to cultivate the persona that would later actually became the Taylor Swift bit.

With the Warlords launch, Taylor and co moved to Emerald Dream and pissed off a bunch of weird RPers, going as far as Taylor taking part of a forced takeover of a radio show hosted by RPers.

COMMUNISM renamed to COMMIE CREW eventually, but the group lost traction after getting out of regular gaming. Taylor convinced the group that they need to find a new direction. Unfortunately, that direction was Rust.

The Taylor Swift Era (2015-2019)


Taylor looking upon unwashed Goons.

In May 2015, Prude and Taylor began playing on Goon Playground, which was a Goon run vanilla Rust server. Just prior to this in April, Taylor had begun using the screenname Taylor Swift and using the branding of Taylor. They also started using the name GAY instead of COMMUNISM, mostly because it of the character limitation in the Rust servers clan system. In line with Taylors new philosophy on group management, GAY aligned itself with the biggest clan on the server, GM and quickly made a name for himself amongst the community. As such, when the decision was made for all the clans to merge and create BMW, Taylor was counted among the founders. Kimsemus was the original group leader, although short lived, and afterwards Capitaler became the de facto group leader with Taylor as the right hand man.

After the hiatus of 2015, Bimmers began asking for the Rust group to return. Capitaler whoever expressed little interest in returning to lead, so Taylor stepped up and took the reigns. The group was still using Woofingtons Discord at the time, which was a major hindered, so in March, Taylor used a situation where a spy had come into the discord as an excuse to make a new Discord strictly for BMW. This was the turning point of the group, as it turned it from just a loose collection of Rust players into an actual group.


Taylor spearheaded the initiative to move away from the BMW branding, predominately because of legal reasons and the inability to monetize or expand the branding of BMW.

2nd Retirement & Taylor Unchained

Punished Taylor - A Man Denied His Shitposts

After his abdication, Taylor was no longer beholden to uphold any façade or dignity for the sake of the group as a whole, since he was no longer is leader. This allowed for him to return to a much earlier version of his persona, one that just shit on everyone and did rad shit. The first action of which, was walking directly into The Incels den and laughing at their dead Discord. Kimsemus, former leader of BMW, revealed during this time that he pathetically still claimed he was the leader of BMW. Taylor dunked on him, causing a minor meltdown, and eventually making Kim force The Incels to ban Taylor and Prude. Sad!

Taylor also used this newfound freedom to shit on Ashy, and again by association, The Incels.

After Operation Overlard and the end of the Clown World War I, Taylor retired to the countryside of WTT Discord to return to work as a mod.

Taylor Re-burdened

After The Sauce Affair however, with Peaches leaving, Taylor was shouldered with the task of continuing to be a pillar for the community while Alex grew accustomed to his new leadership position. Despite his desire to move away from leadership, Taylor found himself again in more or less the exact same position as before his abdication.

On September 1st, after dealing with this situation for months, Taylor passed the Discord entirely to Alex, and with that completely abdicating from all responsibilities in WTT.

The Taylor Silver Era (2019-2021)

The new found freedom being completely separated from leadership brought about a new era for Taylor. Firstly, mostly in response to the real Taylor Swift cucking out, he rebranded to Taylor Silver, taking inspiration from his primary waifu, Yin (銀). Secondly, he began to focus more on himself as a brand instead of him representing a group.

YouTube & Twitch Revival

Average Tay stream.

Returning to his roots as a performance artist, Taylor began making YouTube videos again and streaming on a consistent basis, quickly finding a new audience. Most successful was his month long Fallout 4 Enclave RP streams, as well as his weekly college football talk show, College Football Shitposting Live.

The Troon Uprisings, and Director of MOTHER

In mid-December of 2019, a wave of support came from Bimmers for Taylor to retake the reigns of the ship and turn it around, mostly inpart due to Alex lack of leadership. Hesitant to be in the spotlight again, Taylor reformed the old BMW intel agency, GESTAPO into MOTHER, recruiting many of the more influential Bimmers to lead BMW quietly. As part of this, a hard sever from the groups past needed to happen. The Troon Uprisings was born from this, stemming from MOTHER inciting the post-FYAD deletion furor of SomethingAwful as well as a few well placed moles and leaks, ensuring that the Goon link to BMW was forever severed, allowing BMW to move on from it.

Operation Thralls Deep

During the 2020 COVID Lockdowns, Blizzard gave players a 100% XP buff in World of Warcraft, leading the Bimmers to begin playing again. Without a home server, Thrall was chosen as Capri Sun Tzu claimed that he had a group of friends on the server who would be willing to raid, opening up the possibility of a return to the raiding scene for BMW.

A Meltdown Orange and Return to Power

In early July, Alex had an absolute meltdown, due mostly to the endless bullying his shit tier takes generated. With both of his appointed successors gone, Taylor was forced to retake the reigns directly as The Wideking.

The Taylarahn Era (2021-Present)

Runescape YouTuber


The first recorded username by Taylor was Wavemaster44 during 2002 and 2003. The name was taken from the anime .Hack//Sign which was very popular on Toonami/Adult Swim at the time. The wavemaster guy in hack sign was the dumb moody one for context, so it makes sense really. The name was used mostly on AIM and other instant messengers of the era, before his forays into video games.

The first name used widely in video game circles was Garoad, taken from a fantasy world Taylor wrote about in his free time. Commonly mocked as GAYroad. The first character he made during Runescape Classic and played into the early days of Runescape 2 bore this name.

Kaiba112 was a bit of an adopted moniker. A member of Taylor's clan one day abruptly quit the game and posted his account info on the forums for whoever wanted it. As the character was a good bit higher than Taylor's Garoad character, he took the character and began using it. Apparently Kaiba is some loser from YuGiOh, Taylor didn't know this because he only watched chad anime's as a kid.

The next name, Shelarahn, also came from Taylor's fantasy setting, later realized to actually be a misspelling of Shalarahn. This name began when Taylor switched from Runescape to World of Warcraft. The name would later become somewhat of anathema among the World of Warcraft community, later spreading to wherever COMMUNISM and he went.

In March of 2015, Taylor was using the Steam name "Nick Saban" after the coach of the Alabama Crimson Tides football team. However, most players in Rust had no clue who that was, and after being called "Nick" one too many times, Taylor adopted the now legendary "Taylor Swift" persona, having been a longtime fan of the popstars.

In late August of 2019, Taylor, in response to the real Taylor Swifts increasing cucking, debranded fully from the name Taylor Swift so as not to catch whatever bullshit mindworm she has.

However, as his Runescape series began to take off, it was realized the SEO for "Taylor Silver" was terrible. Thus the decision was made to merge the two primary handles into "Taylarahn".


  • Warriors Gate
  • SeveredVeins
  • Guns for Hire
  • ShadowVipers
  • COMMUNISM - Officer
  • Damage Done - Psuedo-officer
  • Friend Zone - Head Officer
  • GAY - Leader
  • BMW - co-Founder/Leader
  • WTT - Leader/Mod (Post-Abdication)
  • Wideboys - The WideKing
  • BEEFY BOYS - Jannie

Fun Facts

  • Taylor once had a massive aversion to cream cheese after eating too much of it at 2AM and getting sick at church the next day
  • He cant pronounce the word button very well
  • The angrier, more tired, or sicker Taylor gets, the more his accent comes out
  • Once won a fruitcake throwing competition at a mall in Tennessee
  • Won a statewide award in 2009 for videography
  • Used to sell bootleg screamo CDs to scene kids in high school
  • Completely illiterate. Uses a Text-to-speech and vice versa program to communicate on Discord.


  • "Hi Im banned forums user Taylor Swift. I first started reading bmw when I was about 25. by 27 I got really obsessed with the concept of "national socialism" and tried to channel it constantly, until my though process got really bizarre and I would repeat things like, "arbeit macht frei" and "13 do 52" in my head for hours, and i would get really paranoid, start seeing jews in the corners of my eyes etc, basically anti-semitism. im now on hormon replacers. i always wondered what the kind of “nazi” style of bmw humor was all about; i think it’s the unconscious leaking in to the conscious, what jungian theory considered to be the cause of anti-semetic and racist syptoms. i would advise all people who “get” bmw to be careful because that likely means you have a predisposition to gender dysphoria. peace."
  • "It's not for my enjoyment, it's for the betterment of the group. The faster you can trim the fat, the sooner you'll stop having these problems."

- in response to Saltys unwillingness to purge squeakers from his failing Rust group.

  • "Did I hear you had a nervous breakdown because of me? That's pretty lol."

- Taylor to TT

  • "No one ever lost a knife fight by showing up with a Howitzer."

- Taylor on being accused of over-estimating his enemies