DISEASE Genocide

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The DISEASE Genocide
WoWScrnShot 091607 204139.jpg
DISEASE is spammed by a COMMISSAR disciple
DateLate 2007
Gorgonnash US Trade Chat, DISEASE Guild Chat
Result Death of DISEASE
Commanders and leaders
Spaceballs Walkingbone
Units involved
4-5 COMMUNISM shitposters An entire guild of normies
Casualties and losses
A few probation's, several guild kicks Multiple guild members from shitpost shrapnel

The DISEASE GENOCIDE was a months long attack by COMMUNISM members to fuck with the casual pubbie guild, DISEASE. It was mostly Shelarahn who would join, spam the n word until a bunch of people quit and he got kicked when an officer finally got online.

Years later, Shelarahn and Walkingbone would have a summit where Shelarahn (mostly) apologized for being such a dick.