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The History of The WIDEVERSE is considered as anything related to the central "group" from the primordial Runescape clans to the heavily established COMMUNISM and later BMW and WIDEBOYS.

Many points of WIDEVERSE's history is considered a "melting pot" when existing groups through whatever means become the primary subject of the WIDEVERSE such as in 2015 when COMMUNISM and BMW merged into one entity, combining their shared history or in 2012 when Friend Zone era was not part of The WIDEVERSE then for a short period was, then again left in 2013 to be replaced by The COMMUNISM Revival.

Runescape Era (2003-2006)

The inception of THE WIDEVERSE is considered to be a Runescape clan named Warriors Gate that served as the launching point for a young group of friends. Said group later went on to create their own clan, Severed Veins, which lasted some time into 2006 before intrapersonal conflicts shuttered the guild and led most to stop playing, instead shifting to World of Warcraft, where Taylor would begin playing under the name Shelarahn.

COMMUNISM Era (2007)

<COMMUNISM> was founded on April 16 2007 on the US server Gorgonnash by a terrible human being named Spaceballs. The goal of the guild was essentially to piss off as many people as possible and to attract like minded individuals to do the same. COMMUNISM began dabbling in some light Karazhan raiding, but couldn't really get past Moroes because they sucked and Spaceballs couldn't lead worth a shit. The guild was fairly infamous on Gorgonnash from its inception given their proclivity for pissing people off and starting giant flame wars on the forums, as well as their memorable Auchindoun battles with <Serenity> and their leader, Georgepatton.

In July, Shelarahn would join as the guild was getting more serious about raiding, specifically Serpentshrine Cavern and Gruuls Lair.

Civil War Arc

In December, months after Shelarahn was promoted to officer, Spaceballs and him faced off in what would become known as the 1st COMMUNISM CIVIL WAR. Those that split off would form a guild known as Scholars and Gentlemen, which was extremely short lived, in the end leaving everyone involved without a stable guild.

Diaspora Era (2007-2008 )

After the 1ST COMMUNISM CIVIL WAR, the raiders of COMMUNISM split into Scholars and Gentlemen, which was a short lived splinter guild led by the anti-Spaceballs faction. After its downfall, all members faded off or joined other raiding guilds. Shelarahn went back to his earlier guild, <Guns for Hire> and the other officers either quit or moved on. Spaceballs and his few loyalists remained in COMMUNISM but the guild was essentially dead and many officers quit, including Spaceballs eventually. During the diaspora, Prude had begun playing WoW in smaller meme guilds.

Damage Done Arc

Shelarahn would later go on to be a major raider in one of Gorgonnashs top raiding guilds, <Damage Done>, along with former Guns for Hire raider Petrus and former COMMIE Secondary.

2nd COMMUNISM Era (2008-2010)

With Spaceballs return to the game, COMMUNISM found new breath. Shelarahn returned as an officer and Prude joined for the first time, along with Reckface and Jessikuh, the latter of which was Spaceballs new e-gf (who he had phone sex with). The guild quickly returned to the raiding scene but was mostly stonewalled during The Naxxramas Incident when a 10 man COMMIE raid group tried to clear Anub'Rekhan on 25 man, failing miserably.

Reckface and Jessikuh would later meet irl, prompting The Jorgan Fiasco when it was revealed Jessikuh was catfishing as a scene girl, leading to a Ventrillo interrogation of the duo.

The guild fell apart in January of 2009 when Spaceballs rejoined Umbral Sect and the other raiders left for more successful raiding guilds.

On June 2nd of 2009, Spaceballs would return and sell the guild to Shelarahn for 10,000 gold, marking the end of Spaceballs reign as COMMISSAR. Shelarahn would briefly restart the guild into a moderately successful raiding guild doing Icecrown Citadel.

In April of 2010, Shelarahn would give the guild to one of his officers, bringing about The Dark Age of COMMUNISM.

The Dark Ages (2010-2012)

The officer Shelarahn dumped the guild onto ended up selling the guild to long time COMMUNISM fan and group member, Petrus, who kept it for several years as its caretaker.

Shelarahn spent the next few years away at college.

Many of the old members continued raiding. Reckface and Jessikuh would later transfer to Darkspear, joining one of their leading raiding guilds, <Vox Radix>. Prude mostly quit WoW, as did many other COMMIES.

Friend Zone Era (2012-2013)

In April of 2012, Jessikuh contacted many of the COMMIES on Facebook to come play World of Warcraft again with them on Darkspear. They had recently quit Vox Radix and had formed with Prude a new guild, <Friend Zone>. A good many of the old COMMIES would return and soon Friend Zone was a full fledged raiding guild.

However, after several months, Prude quit and tensions grew between Shelarahn and Reckface and Jessikuh, now known as Nawp and Vitaminwater respectively. The guild had merged with a smaller guild of former Alliance players from Gorgonnash who mostly hated Shelarahnn from his COMMUNISM days, that paired with another failed merger that Shelarahn had tanked because of its potential negative nature to Friend Zone, had created bad blood between the duo and Shelarahn. He was eventually kicked when he and another rival guild leader began harassing the boyfriend of Friend Zones streamer, Alinity (Yes, that Alinity).

Friend Zone persisted but outside of the sphere of the WIDEVERSE.

New COMMUNISM Era (2013-2015)

The era also referred to as the COMMUNISM Revival Era or 3rd COMMUNISM Era began in July of 2013, when Prude returned from his exile in Texas. His new lease on life lead him and Shelarahn to revive COMMUNISM from the ashes, along with Prudes high school acquaintance, Pigeon. Several other people from Friend Zone who were also cast out, such as Dlight and Nuggsbunny, transferred to Lightninghoof to begin a new COMMUNISM there. This new guild quickly gained traction and began outpacing the COMMUNISM of old under Shelarahn and Prudes leadership. Many great bits and ops took place, like trolling a cancer patient into thinking Pigeon was a girl and recording a PvP guild leader shitting himself mid-battleground.

Wildstar Arc

With the release of Wildstar however, the group would move on from World of Warcraft into the new game. The boys quickly made their presence known on the Wildstar server Pergo forums, and collected many new COMMIES such as Succ, Solgnir, Dianic, and Gauze, just to name a few. The game never really took off however, and by the time the new WoW expansion, Warlords of Draenor launched, Wildstar was dead and the COMMIES transferred to Emerald Dream to create yet another COMMUNISM, in search of a larger player base.

ED Pressure Arc

Emerald Dream proved to be one of the defining chapters in COMMUNISM Revival history, as the groups battles with The ED Cabal would set the tone for the groups foray into Rust years later. Between trolling RPers and hijacking radio shows, the COMMIES once again made a name for themselves on the new server. However, the success was short lived as Prude and Pigeon quickly burned out on the game, in addition to Dianic fucking off somewhere, Gauze being Gauze, and Solgnir and Succ insisting on not transferring to ED.

For the remainder of 2014, COMMUNISM would fall into a slump.


A rebrand to COMMIE CREW in early 2015 along with the exploits of The Skype Crew and The Hailey Saga would breath a new life into the group. Grand Theft Auto 5 and Rust became the groups new things, including COMMIE CREWS own relatively successful Rust server, giving us the House of Wolves. After the server died down, the group would go on to play on pubbie servers, dominating dumb pubbie groups. During this time, Shelarahn would rebrand to Taylor Swift.

In May of 2015, the COMMIES moved Rust servers to Goon Playground, part of an initiative by Taylor to COMMIE CREW to leech off of bigger groups and to slowly take positions of authority in them. The group would play on the server under the clan name GAY, and joined forces with the servers juggernaut clan, GM. When this server too began to die down, the Goons (Members of the internet forum, Something Awful) of the various clans joined together to create BMW.

BMW Era (2015-2017)

The Golden Age of Rust Arc

BMW formed when the 4 larger clans (GM, FORD, WUTANG, and GAY) joined into one group and moved to a pubbie server. Capitaler led the group in the early days, before the September 2015 hiatus. During that time, BMW ran roughshod over Rusty Bottoms, becoming the most dominant clan on the server, only raided a handful of times and never completely beat except for the infamous SPEED Assault. Towards the end, both Capitaler and Taylor Swift became admins of the server, and BMW as the defacto rulers of the server, save for the other admin clan, TSBS who experienced a resurgence just around the time BMW was set to go into its Fall hiatus. A few stragglers stayed behind to play, but 90% of BMWS fighting force took September through November off from the game.

Post-Rust Arc

The Rust clan returned in early November and feuded unsuccessfully (due to admin favoritism) with NAMBLA. The group took another two weeks off from the game due to the release of Fallout 4 and returned again to the same server, only for NAMBLA and their admin friends to ruin the whole thing. Capitaler chose not to return to the group fully after the hiatus, so leadership of the group fell to Taylor. A few months into 2016, the group move from Woofingtons Discord to a dedicated BMW discord.

BMW would again run rough shod over several servers before the Rust group finally died out after the 2nd Rusticity War.

Conan Exiles Arc

ARMA III and GTAV served as temporary projects until February of 2017 when the group became SomethingAwfuls primary Conan Exiles group. However, due to the games technical limitations and infrastructure failings, the group died out within 2 months, leaving BMW in a major hole. What followed is referred to as The 2017 Slump, where many interpersonal problems in the group, especially between admins, began to sprout.

The group shifted its focus from being specifically games oriented to politics, beginning with The SA Rapefugee Program and culminating in the rebrand to WrongThink Tank (WTT).

WrongThink Tank Era (2017-2018)

Slump Arc

Wrong Think Tanks era began with an expanding of political chat into more nuance categories such as discussion about the "clown world" and internet drama. Many rapefugees were coerced into joining the group, increasing chat activity by volumes.

WTTs first video game venture came with the release of Destiny 2, led by Future. However, through many series of unfortunate events and mismanagement, the venture was a complete and total failure. Future then made the poor decision to fold the group into a larger pubbie group, that also eventually failed.

In November, WTT came hot on the tracks of an Conservative internet radio host named Jim Lockwood. He was blind and got real angry when the Bimmers would call in and troll him about STATE MANDATED ANIME viewing and the N-word

Rebellion Arc

2018 would bring a year of turmoil as Clown World War I began with Taylors Banishment. Interpersonal relations between the admins would continue to degrade with this and especially after The Goose Migration, eventually resulting in the 3rd COMMUNISM CIVIL WAR. From here, Taylor began planning what would become known as BMW 3.0, a refocusing of the group back to gaming and being a social group, and his eventual abdication from leading the group.

In December of 2018, as part of the BMW overhaul, Pol was removed completely from the discord, and moved to Rocket.Chat. However, the platform didn't take off as it was rather clunky and annoying to use. Pol chat would eventually return however in March of 2019 with BEEFY BOYS.

WTT Era (2019)

Taylor's Abdication Arc

On March 1st, Taylor officially abdicated from leading WTT and passed on duties to AlexanderDeLarge and Peaches. This change in leadership freed up Taylor to become more combative to former enemies, leading to the The Skirmish Of Wonka Plains and Operation Overlard, both of which would end with The Sauce Affair and Peaches stepping down as admin, leaving Alex the sole leader of WTT.

In May, Prude and DilbertAsFuck met in Tokyo for Bimmers Do Japan. They also met up with infamous Chinaman bullier, Vrath. Prude would also lose his phone and get abducted, briefly, by the w:Yakuza.

After a random Septapus Wormhole came through to BMW, a friendship was forged with a 4chan /vp/ server. This friendship would result in the Bimmers inviting Mudae bot to BEEFY BOYS, starting The Waifu Wars.

With Alex at the helm alone and the return of Jack, voice chat began to boom. As well, Alex returned the tradition of monthly calendars for events, and WTT entered a new golden age.

June would see Jack travel to the New Arabia that is the Netherlands for a good old fashioned Meet N' Beat. Jacks tour of meeting Bimmers continued in late August when him and Prude went and saw Iron Maiden live in LA.

In early September, as part of the ongoing abdication of Taylor, he would finally pass complete ownership of the Discord to Alex, ending his 4 year reign leading BMW.

Wideboys Era (2020-2023)

The remainder of 2019 came and went with the Golden Age continuing in full force. 2020 arrived in force, as WTT found itself under attack once again by lunatic Goons in the form of The Troon Uprisings, resulting in the end of Clown World War I and another massive purge of Bimmers from SA related Discords, and while this resulted in a short term drop in membership, entirely from people who never talked, it ultimately led to a massive boom in recruitment as the brand gained a new following. During the purge, certain SA Discord owners began referring to the group as "Wideboys", and appreciating the name, the mods of WTT decided to re-brand the entire discord to WIDEBOYS, citing its similarity to BEEFY BOYS and the capitalization and one word scheme of COMMUNISM.

The success of the 7th Golden Age continued with BEEFYTV being revived and a brand new group game being introduced, Vintage Story. The server for Vintage Story enjoyed several months of success, before it was retired in favor of the return of Gorzhakcraft and because of a very slow dev cycle.

King Taylor's Return Arc

March 2020 brought the COVID-19 outbreak and the increasing of Stay At Home orders in most states. As a result, many game companies offered incentives in game for people to stay home and play games, specifically Blizzard and their massively successful MMO, World of Warcraft, who offered a 100% XP boost for a month. This led to a massive surge in popularity for WoW among the Wideboys, eventually leading to Capri Sun Tzu to reveal that he was still a part time leader of a moderately sized raiding guild on Thrall, which in turn led to Operation: Thralls Deep.

COVID would dominate most of the year, along with many sociopolitical disturbances such as the riots across the United States in Summer 2020 as well as the highly contested and controversial 2020 Election, which was highlighted by a BEEFY BOYS stream. The year was closed out by an unorthodox Bimmies ceremony. Due to countless delays and pre-production situations, the show was held live via YouTube on Christmas Eve, leading into the yearly Die Hard viewing.

In the first week of 2021, Operation Thralls Deep would culminate with the formation of WIDEFORCE, a WIDEBOYS raid team tackling the first tier of World of Warcraft Shadowlands: Castle Nathria. 2 months later the group would achieve "Ahead of the Curve" achievement by killing the end boss, Sire Denathrius, on Heroic mode.

A brief beta test of a new platform, Guilded, took place, and while the platform had many advantages over Discord, it was deemed too early to coordinate a movement to it.

Summer 2021 saw a strange turn of events, as Biggers developed a months long obsessions with Apex Legends, a long derided game within the community. The obsession began after Taylor had watched several hours of Vtubers, specifically Kureiji Ollie, playing Apex, and on seeing that the game had made many changes and updates since its launch in early 2019, redownloaded the game and goaded a few others into playing. At the same time, Prude began reviving the Guild Wars 2 community, and with the help of DrCoathanger, recreating the ingame guild after being unable to reclaim the original guild from Future.

Wide Media Group Arc

2022 began with a renewed vision for the community: Branching into multimedia, specifically podcasting and Vtubing. The first venture in this was the creation of The BEEFY BOYS, a weekly podcast focused around news, both within the community but also in politics and pop culture. The WMG Arc was notable as a stagnate time within the community.

As with 2021, another strange turn came when Fortnite became the game de jour amongs the Biggers.

In May, WIDEVANIA debuted with Doctor Coathanger and Taylor Rahn.

September saw the debuting of another podcast, Football Shit-talking Live (later renamed to BEEFYBALL!)

Fall of the WIDEKING Arc

On January 11th of 2023, Taylor once again abdicated and began the countdown to his assumed eventual complete departure in 2024. He passed the torch to Prude, who was appointed WIDESTEWARD until such time a new WIDEKING would rise.

In February, Football Shit-Talking Live rebranded to BEEFYBALL!

Early 2023 saw many changes in membership, with former notable names like Tato and ADL returning, as well as the removal of 115 posters such as Nyarlathotep.

Schism Era (2023)

SCJP Split Arc

His frustration with the community mounting, Taylor would finally leave the community all together. Breaking away, he began reviving the SCJP as the new core group of The WIDEVERSE.

Meanwhile, because of his absence, WIDEBOYS became overrun with Tato and her Zoomer friends.

At the same time, COMMUNISM began to be revived in the form of the COMMUNISM Reformation Front.

Mercenary Arc

Now free of responsibilities and loyalties, Taylor began taking on outside opportunities in the summer of 2023, most notably serving as spymaster for external groups.

Purge Arc

Tony, having remained in WIDEBOYS, began to grow tired of the Zoomers. Threatening to also leave, Taylor stepped in, agreeing to return and purge the Zoomers. Returning, Taylor banned Tato and her friends. As a contingency, Prude set up SCEMA as a containment, inviting any recently kicked people as well as people who had previously left like Ass-Haggis.

Cold War Arc

Taylors return also reingnited conflicts between him and CST. After the failure of the WIDEFORCE reboot, Taylor banned him, as well as Kimsemus after the failings of their mercenary operations. A brief negotiation took place, with Kimsemus and Taylor reaching a compromise, but Capri and Taylor remained at odds until the August 8th Taylor-CST summit, in which Capri arrived completely intoxicated and rambled, leading to no resolutions, solidifying the twos discontent with each other.

Historians believe at this time Capri, as well as others within SCEMA were scheming against Taylor as well as the WIDEVERSE at large.

widehaus. Era (2024-Present)

New Diaspora Arc

On New Years 2024, following the annual Year in Review show, Taylor left WIDEBOYS for good. Following this, the community was rebranded as SIDEBOYS and ostensibly removed from the mainstream of The WIDEVERSE. In its stead, widehaus. was officially founded to replace it. Focused on the trio of Taylor, Devin, and Tony, the new community was founded specifically for the WIDEVERSE's content creation, as opposed to the previous two decades focused as a gaming community.

Photo Frens Arc