Damage Done

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Peanutbutter realizing all too late he fucked up.

Damage Done was a raiding guild on Gorgonnash US that formed in Burning Crusade from the former PVP guild of Dogma. Damage Done went onto be one of the bigger raiding guilds on Gorgonnash in Lich King, but eventually was forced to merge with Ominous Latin Noun to form Poor Impulse Control on November 11th of 2009, and then later transferred off the server entirely.


Prior to Damage Dones intro into The WIDEVERSE, it existed as a close knit guild of PvPers known as Dogma. It was in Burning Crusade when the guild chose to move into raiding.

The Golden Years

Damage Done killing Illidan in Black Temple (Dated August 3rd 2008)

Damage Done was one of the top 5 Horde guilds on Gorgonnash in 2008, only a few bosses behind Kill Order and Umbral Sect. In the Summer of 2008, they found themselves looking for qualified talent in the form of Hunters, but came up short. Convincing people to transfer to a backwater server for a third string guild was difficult, so they were forced to recruit from within the server. Unfortunately for them, the far and away best Hunter not already in a raiding guild was a Blood Elf named Shelarahn from Guns for Hire, a small friendly casual guild. Most of Damage Done hated Shelarahn, however, for his involvement with COMMUNISM and Spaceballs. Despite this, he was encouraged to join and after initially rejecting him, later accepted him in July.

With a fully fleshed out roster, Damage Done began to quickly progress, killing Illidan and moving onto Sunwell, going 3 bosses deep before Wrath of the Lich King. DD continued to thrive in WotLK, easily toppling Naxxramas.

Post-WIDEVERSE Decline

Shelarahn would leave around December 16th of 2008. At some point, Petrus, who had joined Damage Done in 2008, became the GM, transferring the guild between servers a few times before fading away.


  • Had a very active forum where Shelarahn would troll people about politics during the 2008 Presidential Election
  • Peanutbutter, the original leader, was the primary anti-Shelarahn voice in the guild. It was Zyzzx, who took over as raid leader and GM who overlooked Shelarahns chequered past.