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Final logo used in 2015 until COMMUNISM merger into BMW
Original Logo
PredecessorUmbral Sect
Severed Veins
SuccessorBMW/WTT/WIDEBOYS (2015-2023)
SCJP (2023-Present)
COMMUNISM Reformation Front (2023-Present)
FormationApril 16, 2007; 16 years ago (2007-04-16)
ExtinctionJuly 12, 2016; 7 years ago (2016-07-12)
HeadquartersGorgonnash US (Original), Lightninghoof US, Emerald Dream US, Illidan US
Original Guild Master
Revival Founder

COMMUNISM (Rebranded to COMMIE CREW in 2015 then briefly to GAY in Rust) and formerly the primary group of the WIDEVERSE until it merged with GM and FORD to become BMW. COMMUNISM serves as the anchor point for the beginning of the groups cohesive history, as its foundation is seen as the single most important factor in bringing all the people into the group and put into motion most of the traditions and events that form the current zeitgeist, to this day still being one of the most important movements in WIDEVERSE lore.



Pre-COMMUNISM is broken up into several different timelines and information is only available on certain members of the group.


Shelarahn began his career in Runescape, bouncing around clans with friends as a teenager. During this time was when his ability to be total dicks was discovered, as they shitted up multiple clans on Runescape, as well as running their own. Their first clan joined together was a shitty clan called Warriors Gate that was led by a very angry Arab man. The clan focused on PvP because Runescape was a dumb game with not much to do at the time. Several other people consisted of this "proto-group" including Dark fire500 nicknamed Ol' Greasy and a kid named Lance from New Hampshire.


Around 200x, Prude and Austin met while playing Diablo 2. Prude also met Pigeon not long afterwards, but wasn't that close with him initially.


Prior to COMMUNISM, Spaceballs was a raider in the guild <Umbral Sect> one of the more prolific Vanilla and BC raiding guilds on Gorgonnash.

World of Warcraft Era

Formation of COMMUNISM

<COMMUNISM> was founded on April 16 2007 on the US server Gorgonnash by a terrible human being named Spaceballs. The goal of the guild was essentially to piss off as many people as possible and to attract like minded individuals to do the same. COMMUNISM began dabbling in some light Karazhan raiding, but couldn't really get past Moroes because they sucked and Spaceballs couldn't lead worth a shit. The guild was fairly infamous on Gorgonnash from its inception given their proclivity for pissing people off and starting giant flame wars on the forums, as well as their memorable Auchindoun battles with <Serenity> and their leader, Georgepatton. Around this time, the leadership of COMMUNISM comprised of Spaceballs as GM, Malade who was dating Spaceballs at the time as co-GM, and Icarus as Spaceballs right hand man. Other memorable members included TJfrost, Donbrasher, Trance, and Prophetomega. (Many of these names and more from that time can be seen in the screenshot below.)

August 2007, an Undead Warrior named Shelarahn joined COMMUNISM, attracted by the no rules environment, and ready to make a name for themselves on Gorgonnash. Shelarahn, Secondary, and a few others over the next few months slowly formed what would later be referred to as "The Group", which was in essence just a clique in COMMUNISM for them to feel like they had some power.

1st COMMUNISM & First Golden Age

A few months later, COMMUNISM had branched into 25 man raiding, thanks in no small part to a merge between COMMUNISM and Vengence Pending, another fledgling 10 man guild, that led to COMMUNISM briefly being named NOT A DEMOCRACY, going as far as killing Gruul and putting in attempts on Loot Reaver. Shelarahn had ascended to the role of officer in the guild, which led to frequent power plays with Spaceballs girlfriend, Malade. Eventually, the tension came to a head when Shelarahn refused Spaceballs order to disallow a dual boxer from raiding. Shelarahns raid group and a few others left COMMUNISM. They went on to form a guild named <Scholars and Gentlemen> that later failed miserably because Shelarahn also couldn't lead worth a shit. Shelarahn disbanded the guild and went back to one of the guilds he had been in prior to COMMUNISM, <Guns for Hire>. During the spring and summer of 2008, Shelarahn geared up and was recruited by <Damage Done>. After the dissolution of the main COMMUNISM raiding force, COMMUNISM went back to being just a jerk off guild while one by one the leadership quit.


In December of 2008, Spaceballs had come back to play and reformed COMMUNISM, with the intention of reclaiming the glory days (By glory days, we mean the days when we were shitty and everyone hated us). The new COMMUNISM was filled less with old players who loved to piss people off, but with sad try hards. Among these were Prudedruid, a moral relativist, Reckface, a pseudo white trash domestic violence repeat offender waiting to happen, Jessikuh, a girl who said she was a hot emo scene chick but in reality was just a sad fat lonely girl with more emotional problems than most psych ward patients (Protip: She totally e-dated and phone boned Spaceballs. True story, she will deny it but she totally did, we would love to tell you the whole story in Mumble, its hilarious!), Shaynuh, a girl who gets real fat then scary skinny. A few other no name people were also around at this time but they don't really matter in the long run of the narrative. The main thing to remember is that Jessikuh phone boned Spaceballs and her mom walked in on (Caught phone boning this guy, no lie, cant even make this shit up)

This incarnation of COMMUNISM lasted for a few months, attempting to raid and attempting to retain dominance in Trade chat, but the social and raiding scene had changed too much for Spaceballs and Shelarahn and too many of their members were young upstarts ready to get ahead and many members were lost to more dedicated raiding guilds like <lmperium> or <Kill Order>. Eventually the guild fell back into obscurity as the members went their separate ways. It's at this point that Spaceballs more or less exits the history of COMMUNISM. Several months after the guild fell apart, Spaceballs attempted to sell the guild in Trade chat, but it was bought by Shelarahn for 10,000 gold. Shelarahn half ass attempted the revive the guild himself, but was unable to.

The Dark Ages


The first few generations of COMMUNISM had moved on. The original GM and officers were nowhere to be found, Shelarahn went to college and stopped playing WoW, Jorgan continued raiding, and Prude had a quarter life crisis after high school. (who hasn't?). When Shelarahn went to college, he gave the guild to a random officer he had recruited during the failed resurrection. This officer later quit or was attempting to give the guild away when Petrus, an officer in <Guns for Hire> who had always been a fan of COMMUNISM, took the guild and became its caretaker.

The Friend Zone Project

In April 2012, Jessikuh got most of the old group back together on a new server and under a new guild name: <Friend Zone>. Shelarahn and Prude were hesitant at first considering Reckface (Who was GM of said guild) had a track record of being a shitty person. They overlooked it off however and spent the next 6 months building a top 100 US 25man raiding guild from a couple of fuck ups wiping all night on Hagara in Dragon Soul. Prude left half way through to go bone some chick in Texas, leaving Shelarahn as the sole cat wrangler. In Summer 2012, Shelarahn and a few other group members who had been met on Darkspear went back to Gorgnnash and got COMMUNISM back from Petrus, who was still serving as caretaker. The officers vision of Friend Zone in the beginning was to create a COMMUNISM like atmosphere but with actual dragon killing. Later on however, Reckface and Jessikuhs vision became more simple: They wanted to recreate their old guild from Darkspear, but with them in charge instead. These two visions clashed over the next year, leading to several falling outs over several issues. Friend Zone eventually absorbed a transfer guild from Gorgonnash, bringing with it the typical try hards that Friend Zone was created to not attract. Several of the new members from the absorbed guild remembered Shelarahn and COMMUNISM from Gorgonnash, and already had a hard on to be a dick to him. Shelarahn was eventually betrayed and thrown under the buss, having spent over a year of his life building a guild that he was now not only not welcome in, but openly hated in.

In Texas however, Prude had been living his life with an old member of The Group and former officer of Friend Zone, Mandapanda. They had quit the game and gone on to live their normal lives up until sometime in summer 2013, when they split. Prude was not only devastated but more or less stranded in Texas. He gathered up what was left of his life and moved back to California in July 2013.



Shelarahn had spent Summer 2013 drifting through with no real goal. After losing his prized project, he was left with almost nothing except a handful of friends with very infrequent contact. Until in early August 2013, Prude messaged Shelarahn telling him of his breakup and return to California. The seeds of the rebirth of COMMUNISM had truly begun to grow. They reassembled fragments of the old group and some new friends into Mumble and began making plans for a comeback. It was then that the decision was made to once and for all tie The Group and COMMUNISM together as one entity.

At the suggestion of Dlight (a friend who was met in Friend Zone but later left), the group relocated to Lightninghoof and started a new COMMUNISM there. The guild was mildly successful given the population of the server which was low to near non-existent. The COMMUNISTS however gained no real ground and the interest quickly faded around December 2013.


By April 2014, the group was all but dead again, with only sporadic Mumble meetings and no real interaction beyond that between the members.

In late May 2014, the decision was made to move COMMUNISM to the brand new MMO, Wildstar. The push into Wildstar started slow, what with server queues and crashes, Shelarahn doing some church crap *tips fedora*, Devin being Devin. Business started to pick up however when COMMUNISM branched into the Pergo Realm Forums. Three people who would eventually become officers where quickly recruited: Dianic, Gauze, and Solgnir. The first several months of Wildstar where spend biding time, waiting for excitement about the game to wane and for people to realize that they werent going to get into great guilds and to become jaded, the exact demographic COMMUNISM aims for. COMMIECRAFT became a thing thanks to the efforts of Solgnir and his group of Minecraft friends. COMMUNISM also attracted non-guilded friends at this time too, with such regulars as BIGMAMABOUTOCOMETHROU and Sicari, the weeaboo.

The Third Golden Age saw the coming to fruition of a long term dream of COMMUNISM and its subsidiaries and projects: Successful branching into multiple games. The era saw COMMUNISM branch into Guild Wars 2, Rust, Destiny, Minecraft, Tera, and countless other games both MMO or otherwise.

In August, after realizing the devs of Wildstar had no idea how to run a game, COMMUNISM officially left Pergo to rot. However, we had gained countless friends and influence from our time there and use it to transition into several different MMO's, including a relaunch of our WoW guild and expansion to Emerald Dream. COMMUNISM was met with great resistance because the community of Emerald Dream is literally the most autistic place in the world, but a niche was found and for a while it was good. Friends were made such as Jason and NightlyNews. After a few months, most everyone stopped playing again because WoW is still WoW and it’s hard to stay interested.



2015 started with an attempt to run a Rust server. Although initially successful, interest within the group and with Rust as a whole was low. After two months, the project was abandoned. In March however, the COMMIES revisited Rust and were active on several servers for a few weeks before going into a hiatus again.


In late May, Prude brought the COMMIES into a server hosted by the Goons of SomethingAwful. The server existed for several weeks as smaller factions in friendly rivalries, until the leaders of the factions agreed to move to a different server and combine force in a group called BMW. Shelarahn was the co-leader of the group and produced several clip videos of the groups antics, referred to as The Rusty Goons series

BMW Takeover

BMW went into a hiatus in August 2015, whereafter the COMMIES went back to their old ways of casuals games. When the hiatus ended in late 2015, most the Commies returned, including the new ones, to restart BMW. In this new BMW, Taylor sought to set himself as the figurehead, with Kimsemus and Capitaler both gone. However, many Commies didn't see the benefit in this and begun drifting away from Rust. When the BMW Discord was established in March, only Prude joined with Taylor. This created a noticeable rift in COMMUNISM, which Pigeon took as an opportunity to seize on and shape COMMUNISM to his ideals, along with his girlfriend. The Messenger chat was reorganized to include many of their Seattle friends, and eventually Taylor and Prude were both forced out.

COMMUNISM officially came to an end during the 2nd COMMUNISM CIVIL WAR, known as The BEEFY Troubles, when Taylor and Prude began feuding over the direction of the group.

Generations of COMMUNISM