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This article documents a current event.
Details may change rapidly as the event progresses, and the last updates to this page may not reflect the most current information.

This is what happened in 2023:

  • January 7th: The 5th Annual Bimmies Awards
  • January 11th: Taylor abdicates as The WIDEKING, leaving stewardship of The WIDEVERSE to Prude.
  • February 7th: Tato returns after nearly 2 years
  • February 19th: Football Shit-Talking Live rebrands to BEEFYBALL!
  • February 23rd: The WIDEBOYS-SCJP Schism Begins
  • February 24th: Taylor begins shuttering most projects he was leading within WIDEVERSE
  • March 25th: The Trial of Nyarlathotep removes Nyarlathotep for serial 115 posting, and creates the new "Anti-Driveby" rules.
  • April 15th: Game Night returns
  • April 21st: ADL returns
  • May 15th: Taylor leaves WIDEBOYS
  • June 20th: Prudes Journey East begins
  • June 25th: Prude arrives at WIDEHAUS
  • July 8th: MOTHER is reformed as a mercenary group
  • July 30th: After his 40 days in the desert, Taylor returns to WIDEBOYS, running off the Euro tankies in Night of Long Potato Peelers
  • July 30th: SCEMA is founded for the refugees of the 4th COMMUNISM Civil War
  • September 23rd: [REDACTED]
  • October 2nd: Taylor bans Kimsemus and Capri Sun Tzu from WIDEBOYS and BEEFY BOYS. Kim's ban is later rescinded a day later.
  • October 7th: SCEMA is rebranded to SIDEBOYS