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This is what happened in 2020:

  • January: PartyPlaneJones and Dilbert leave WTT
  • January 13th: WTT rebrands to WIDEBOYS
  • January 28th: Clown World War I officially comes to a close
  • February 4th: BEEFYTV replaces the long neglected WTTV
  • Winter: Jack and CynthiaDutch get married
  • March: The Corona Virus (DGBBF) outbreak leads to much of the West being locked down
  • March 23rd: For the first time in almost 6 years, World of Warcraft returns as an anchor game due to Blizzard introducing a 100% XP event for the lockdowns. Additionally, CST offers to let all Biggers join his guild, ATB.
  • April 1st: Taylor and MOTHER demand ADL relinquish ownership of WIDEBOYS, officially ending his reign and restoring Taylor as the newly established WideKing
  • April 2nd: The Joe Diffie Memorial Hearthstone Tournament
  • June 13th: BEEFY BOYS Discord is banned for the first time in the Night of the Long Steak Knives
  • Summer: ADL has a legendary melty and leaves during A Meltdown Orange
  • November: Taylor returns to regular streaming with Old School Runescapes Trailblazer League
  • November 3rd: The 2020 Presidential Election BEEFY MEGASTREAM