Night of the Long Steak Knives

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The Night of the Long Steak Knives

BEEFSTERS being rounded up to be shipped off to camps
Date12:47PM June 13th 2020
BEEFY BOYS Discord, Wideboys Discord
Result Multiple bans and deletion of BEEFY BOYS Discord
Commanders and leaders
BEEFY BOYSTaylor Swift 
Discord Furry Pedophiles
Units involved
50~ BEEFSTERS A few diaper furs
Casualties and losses
Several bans N/A

Night of the Long Steak Knives was an event on June 13th 2020 in which the BEEFY BOYS server was banned along with several key members. In response, BEEFY BOYS was once again moved off the platform and Wideboys tightened its rules and removed any potentially volatile members.

The BEEFYcaust

BEEFY BOYS had seen a massive spike in members and activity in the wake of both the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide and the George Floyd Riots in America. Both of these topics were openly discussed in the unrestricted portion of the Discord that was open to more people. It was considered safe as most everyone vetted into BB was already not seen as a potential threat. However, with the increased insanity, many things began popping up such as PDB going on an anti-cop rant and general glow posting all around.

For an unspecified reason on June 13th just after noon, Discord removed the BEEFY BOYS Discord and banned an assorted group of members. The rationale was never revealed for the server deletion and the people banned caused even more questions, as two of the victims were very innocuous posters who never once posted anything that would be considered profane or offensive


Most everyone affected registered new accounts and fell back to the Wideboys Discord. Multiple people were banned including any remaining KiwiFarm members or Goons, and rules were tightened and restated and prevent a second round of bans and the loss of the home server. Dankregice was also banned when he attempted to create his own spin off server unsuccessfully.

MOTHER brass immediately began searching for alternative platforms for the new home of BEEFY BOYS. After a week of testing different platforms, it was decided to just create a new Discord with Guilded as a backup alternative, for the time being.