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FormationJuly 12, 2016; 8 years ago (2016-07-12)
PurposePolitical Chat & Trolling

BEEFY BOYS (formerly COMMIE CREW DISCORD) is one of the 3 central groups that make up the WIDEVERSE, spawned from the ruins of the old COMMUNISM discord that had been abandoned after the formation of BMW. During the 2nd COMMUNISM CIVIL WAR however, the discord was revived by Prude and a few other members of COMMIE CREW who had failed or refused to integrate properly into BMW. The discord was later repurposed as the trolling/political wing of the WIDEVERSE after The Great Pol Shoah of 2018 and the failure of The Rocket Project.


Shelarahn founded the Discord on August 27th 2015, to test its potential for the groups new primary chat platform. However, many were hesitant to make the jump from Facebook Messenger and as such, the Discord was never fully adopted, except for when needed for voice communication. The Discord did however find new traction during The 2015 Hiatus, when many of the newly recruited Bimmers were brought into the Discord, since BMW didnt have a formal Discord itself

After the formation of BMWs Discord in March of 2016, the old COMMIE CREW discord was largely abandoned by most of the old crew, even the newer joins. Pigeon of course still posted some there because hes always like 4-5 steps behind. Which is ironic since he was one of the hesitant adopters in the first place.


When Prude and Sicari were banned in August of 2016, they retreated to the old COMMIE CREW Discord, which Shelarahn had given to Prude after the formation of BMW in May. The Discord served as the BEEFY camp for a few months before momentum faltered, and eventually tensions ceased when Taylor and Prude reached an armistice in December of 2016. Afterwards, the discord laid abandoned for years, as the BEEFsters migrated back to BMW.

Revival Era

In early March 2019, Prude brought up the concept of moving the political shitposting section of BMW back to Discord, after the apparent failure of The Rocket Project. After Taylors abdication, the brand and singularity trend among WTT was no more, allowing for the possibility of a second discord. Prude and co. began inviting all the Rocket chatters and new pol trending friends from WTT with the new leaderships blessing.

The new found freedom allowed for the Bimmers to become more aggressive with their enemies, including The Wonkas and Goons. One of the first big events of the new Discord was Operation Overlard, which resulted in a renewal of the Clown War.

April 21st OpSec Leak

As Clown World War I heated up in March and April of 2019, parts of GESTAPOS operation was moved to BB in the form of a secret channel. However, The Sauce, who would later turn out to be a double agent, would leak the contents of the file, heavily edited to try and incriminate Taylor and the BEEFSTERS. As a result, GESTAPO removed itself from the Discord and resumed its previous MO of decentralization. The fallout would directly lead to The Sauce Affair, and thus the end of Clown World War I. The leak made the rounds among the usual suspects but did little to move the needle, and was later mostly debunked in the months following the end of the war.

Post-Clown War

On July 10th, after witnessing the success of a waifu gacha bot on vp, the bot was invited to BB, starting the Waifu Wars.

On July 18th, with his Im Sorry Tour complete and after being turned away from WTT, Kimsemus was invited to the Discord.

Bens Beseeching

The Troon Uprisings

In late December, Lowtax once again cucked out to the crazy masses of SA by deleting FYAD, a terrible irony poisoned subforum of SomethingAwful but one of the few largely uncucked ones left. The Troons grew bolder and began making demands like mod changes and more subforum closures. However, their movement was early on infiltrated by GESTAPO agents and run into the ground, much to the enjoyment of the BEEFSTERS. A few refugees from SomethingAwful and new admirers from Kiwifarms and Something Sensitive joined the ranks of BEEFY BOYs in the ensuing fallout.


WTTV returned in early 2020 and was rebranded to BEEFYTV, promising to carry election related programming 24/7. Primarily this consisted of televised Democratic debates and coverage of rallies from both sides, but was cut short by the outbreak of COVID-19.

COVID-19 & The George Floyd Riots

Very early in 2020, reports out of China began spreading of a virus that was locking down cities. Given the secretive nature of it, it became a HOT debate in BB among everyone whos opinions ranged from "Its just baby bitch flu" to "5000 hospitalized in Lexington KY by July". As the virus began to spread worldwide, debate only intensified, with Taylor making many bold predictions about the virus, including that it would be "over" by June.

On May 28th, protests began popping up in the city of Minneapolis over a police killing of a local good boy gentle giant. Within 24 hours, the protests turned into riots that engulfed the entire country. BEEFY BOYS chat activity exploded like never before with everyone eager to watch the carnage. MOTHER tracking showed that during this time, the BMW family of Discord ranked 3rd among much larger Discords with 1000s of people.

Night of Long Steak Knives

June 13th saw the end of the BEEFY BOYS Discord, when it was deleted by Discord without warning and several BEEFSTERs were banned. MOTHER agents mostly agree it was a result of Duster reporting PDB and ADL for their anti-cop rants. A second backup Discord was established in the intermediary period of trying to find a new platform for BEEFY to call home.


After the Night of Long Steak Knives and several failed alternative platforms, the second BEEFY Discord was created. Resembling the first in all ways, little was lost in the transition. As a contingency plan, however, a Guilded was created if the need ever arose.

2020 Election

BEEFY BOYS celebrated the 2020 Election with a 6 hour livestream hosted by Taylor, featuring many Bimmers and BEEFSTERs. Notable happenings from the night included Taylor dancing to salsa music, Solgnir providing insightful commentary on Senate and Congressional races, and James being James.

On May 1st, Prude began beta testing a self-host Fediverse instance, allowing another decentralized outlet for BMW. The instance enjoyed almost immediate success thanks to Taylors niche posting and Prudes prior connections with other Fediverse instances. The site slowly gained more traction with BEEFSTERS over the following months.