Operation Overlard

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TT's Folly
Part of Clown War 1

The Beefy Boys observe covert chatter
DateApril 3rd, 2019 - April 12th, 2019
SomethingAwful Discord
Result 2.3 Metric tonnes of lol, A few good shit posts, The annoyance of TT and doxxes for the nuclear arsenal.
Beefy Bois TT and the retard brigade
3-5 ~ Shitposters 3 Incompetents
Casualties and losses
Their sides Any remaining respectability

Operation Overlard was one of the most drastic shifts in Clown World War I. Beginning immediately after the Siege of Lowtaxia, the debacle began as TT was attempting to overhaul roles in his server, unwittingly revealing secret admin chanels.


During March of 2019 a CanPol Goon decided to make an attention seeking post about his exit bag, This Rallied the forces of Something Awful to try and protect some one from their own retardation a rare successful campaign by the modern Goons.

In the aftermath of this TT decided to expand the legendary GDN to encompass an emergency broadcast/911 system for the next inevitable broke brain Goon An Hero attempt. In his infinite wisdom the first responding Goons discord role was allowed to access an admin chat room containing records of covert actions and conspiracy between TT and FAT32.

TTs Folly

In the early hours of April 3rd, 2019 an alert hit all the Beefy Boys.

In spreading news of his new broke brain preservation effort TT had inadvertently exposed an old admin side chat dating back to 2018 detailing operations and actions against Taylor Swift. Top information analysts at the Bois Beauru began inspecting the data and cross referencing previous historical events and actors to assess the impact and intentions of the operations.

Contents Of The Logs

In the analysis of the logs[1] quickly revealed some optically damaging details with regards to the behaviours of TT and his cohorts. Along with the plotted character assassination of Taylor Swift gems such as his anger/jealousy at 2019 ally Kimsemus for 'not doing enough' came to the surface.

Expression anger and upset at being called 'Alt right' TT summoned FAT32 and they began plotting how to forcefully construct a culture for the SA discord doing its best to ape the police state of Serious Overchill as well as anything else which has a large amount of user numbers without understanding the reason behind that growth and engagement.

Guilt by association began as all those with a tie or friendship to Taylor Swift where being marked and tarred as problematic actors to be watched.

Fauxlor Swifts Attack

With the full contents of the channel backed up and saved to The Swift Archives, Taylor deployed a sleeper unit in SA Discord to infiltrate into the chat, henceforth referred to as "Fauxlor Swift". Fauxlor was quickly banned by TT (Although it takes TT days to respond to some peoples PMs). The conversation was moved then to DMs, where Fauxlor began a relentless asssault verbally on the poor dead discord admin.[2]

Fauxlor fires the first shot, revealing the BEEFY BOYs penetration

The Coverup

TT panicking to cover his mistakes, immediately assembled a "crack" team of yes men, including infamous transsexual Kimsemus and 4 foot German gnome, Rejdukien. Together, they concocted the most likely cover story in human history: That Taylor Swift, a borderline computer illiterate, hacked Brobot and gathered information via it for 3 years, only to release the exact same information found in the leaked channel on the exact same day as the channel was leaked. Of course, TT and co. would go on to vehemently deny that the channel was ever linked, despite undeniable evidence[3].

BroBot was taken down and several servers across the GDN network were alerted to the breach. The team spent days fixing an imaginary problem, mostly for show, and later brought the bot back online declaring it fixed and safe from Literal Criminal Taylor Swift.


As the information had been digested, hilarity enjoyed and theories confirmed on the behaviour of TT.
As a reward for his loyalty, Kimsemus was given power back in SA Discord. However, this would spark some of the harder left members of the discord that TT had relied on post-Taylor to have meltdowns, further fracturing and killing the Discord. Kim would also embark on a several discord "Im Sorry Tour" wherein he cucks out in the hopes Goons wont associate him with Evil Mastermind Taylor Swift anymore and admits he got his group stolen from him.