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BroBots groundbreaking anti-slur technology.

BroBot was a bot designed and ran by FAT32 for his Serious Overchill community. It is most notable as serving as the basis for YinBot and was the center of Operation Overlard.


BroBot was originally designed in 2016. It was forked in May of 2017 by Taylor and reconfigured as YinBot for BMW.

In 2018, FAT32 and Tempus Thales would claim that Taylor compromised BroBot using a token that was left in the config files on the bots original Github repository. This was never proven, as Taylor never had access, even if it were true that the token was left in. Afterwards the bot was mostly shuttered.


The original BroBot had many functions, such as a censorship function that would delete many common slurs. Most were stripped out of YinBot. Many of the functions were inside jokes and memes for the Serious Overchill Community that also referenced SA culture.