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Other namesTussen Tak, FAT32 SHAMER
OccupationCo-founder of Serious Overchill, creator of BroBot
Years active2016-2019

FAT32 was a Goon and co-founder of Serious Overchill, as well as the creator of BroBot.


FAT32 was previously a noted YCS and YOSPOS troll from Norway who emigrated to America.

Feud with Taylor

FAT and Taylor were both promoted to admins in the Unofficial SA Discord at the same time as representatives of Serious Overchill and BMW respectively. Tempus Thales brought them on in hopes that their community building expertise would help him build the Discord beyond what it already was. However, both men had machinations contrary to this, as they both desired to leverage the community for their own communities benefits.

This led the two to constantly be at odds on their vision of the Discord, specifically on the idea of free speech and what was acceptable. Almost weekly would FAT attempt to clamp down on "hate speech" only for Taylor to mock him and call him a weak libtard. IAmKale and TT quickly grew bored of this and sought to edge both of them out of the administrative decisions. However, with Taylors ban from SA, FAT found a way to worm his way into TTs ear, convincing him that Taylor was in fact the cause of SA Discords downturn. TT, dumb enough to believe this, banished Taylor and the Bimmers, beginning a long and embarrassing downhill slide for the Discord.

BroBot Hack

Nearly a year later, FAT was brought in to attempt to character assassinate Taylor by claiming that his bought was hacked. It remains unclear to what extent he was complicate, as in time the accusations of his bot being hacked led to him being ostracized from his own group.


Despite disappearing from the public eye for almost a year, FAT showed up in the Bread and Roses Discord, however the embedded MOTHER agents quickly turned the admin team against him and had him banned.