Tempus Thales

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Tempus Thales
Tt av.jpg
Some shithole
Other namesTT, AwfulCitizen
EducationComputer Toucher Degree
OccupationApple Computer Toucher
Known forSnatching failure from the jaws of victory
Notable work
SomethingAwful Discord , Goon Discord Network, Literally one act of trolling in Albion Online

Goons don't just win, everyone can win. Goons win and totally demoralize. That is really winning.

Tempus Thales on statements he will never live up to.

Tempus Thales is the self appointed 'Community Leader' of the Goons, Known idler of computer games and a noted master of the spell withering touch.

Early life

Due to the advanced age of TT not many record survive of the time of his birth. Legends state his birth was heralded by 10 crops withering in perfect conditions prophesying his digital legendary abilities. Other legends state that he one day walked out of a taco field, fully grown and already admin of 10 dead discords.

Albion Online

SA Discord