Scouring of Tempus

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The Scouring of Tempus
DateOctober 2nd - October 6th 2021
SomethingAwful Forums, GDN Discords
Result TT banned, GDN closed, New World group fractured
Tempus Thales SFD

The Scouring of Tempus was a battle in early October of 2021 beginning with the launch of New World that ultimately led to Tempus Thales being banned from SA, as well as the shuttering of GDN

A New World

The problems all started when SomethingAwful Goons got into New World, a new MMO by Amazon. Tempus Thales, as usual, started up a clan in game using the leverage from his SA DIscord, quickly becoming one of the bigger Goon guilds.

Goons Hate TT

As with Taylor during Taylors Banishment, Goons with connections to mods and hundreds of users willing to cry online began to astroturf a campaign against TT to destroy his guild. They were entirely successful, as TT bowed under the pressure of his prior connections to Taylor and Kimsemus, eventually disbanding the guild and handing over all control. He would go even further to delete the entire 5000+ person SA Discord.

Taylor Makes It Worse

Some Goons are smarter than they look...