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Hindered was a member of BMW. He left in 2018 because nobody would play PUBG with him, despite him never reaching out to people to actually get them to play.


Hindered originally joined BMW in 2017 as part of the short lived Conan Exiles push, enjoying the community even after the games disappointment and choosing to stay unlike many others.


Hindered later revealed himself to be a big TTRPG nerd, going as far as to put together a Vampire the Masquerade campaign together in the Summer of 2017 with Taylor, TT, Scarybagels, and LindsayLohan. The campaign went on for almost 2 months before he grew impatient with the groups progress, saying they weren't committed to the roleplay, and shutting it down.


Later in 2017, he like most other Bimmers became obsessed with PlayerUnknowns Battleground, frequently dropping through the rest of the year into 2018. However, where most had move past the game, he remained loyal to it. This eventually formed what he saw as a divide between himself and the group, when one day he complained that no one would play with him, despite him never asking or pinging the Battle Royale role once. Despite that, he had a little melty and rage quit BMW forever.


After leaving BMW, he became very vocal about how awful they were and what Nazi's they were, almost always piping up in the Unofficial SomethingAwful Discord whenever our name would come up. He also made a brief appearance in a similar capacity during The Troon Uprisings. Since the disbandment to the SA Discord, he has not been heard from.