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One of Cal Worthingtons infamous "doxx" posters
Michael Ferullo

New Jersey
OccupationTwitch Streamer/Server Hoster
Known forThrowing himself against BMW fruitlessly
Notable work
The Viewer Sign Wall (That BMW destroyed)

Xyelz (Pronounced ex-yells) was a Rust streamer on Rusty Bottoms who was a frequent target of early BMWs antics.


Early BMW history was marked by Cal Worthington finding Twitch streamers for the group to hunt down. Jaq had been the streamer that had brought the group to Rusty Bottoms. By the time he had been run of the server, Xyelz had begun playing on the server with his friends and viewers. Previously being a DayZ streamer, he made the switch to Rust as it was starting to rise in popularity.

The Xyelzocaust

While putting up a "viewer wall" (a side of his base that included custom made signs for all this loyal stream watchers), Xyelz was attacked by a group of Cal, Capitaler, and Prude. Xyelz reacted in a typical exaggerated streamer manner, especially as the Bimmers started to destroy the carefully made signs. He would eventually sign off in frustration and end the stream.

BMW and Xyelz would continue to feud over the next month, with Xyelz attempting to raid the DREADFORT multiple times, never making it past the first few layers. Eventually, he would decide to leave the server, throwing everything he had at the DREADFORT, only to be gunned down in a pincer attack by Taylor Swift and Capitaler, ending him once and for all.


After leaving Rusty Bottoms, Xyelz continued streaming Rust on other servers, including one that BMW briefly crashed, though never fought against.

Eventually, he would give up streaming and would go on to start a game hosting company and get married.


Xyelz YouTube