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Developer(s)w:Facepunch Studios
Publisher(s)Facepunch Studios
Platform(s)w:Microsoft Windows, w:macOS
Release11 December 2013 (Early Access)
8 February 2018
Genre(s)Action-adventure, survival

Rust is a shitty formerly early access survival game featuring building. The creator, Garry Newman, constantly fucked up the game and it was a pain in the ass. However, the game was also the catalyst for the formation of BMW, a shameful fact.


Starting as a DayZ clone, Rust began originally as a browser game. As it got slightly more popular, it was released onto Steam into Early Access in what would later be known as Legacy Rust. The original Rust was a lot like the current day one except there werent random maps and building was real weird. Also there were zombies, but they got taken out in like 2014. Also the cheeto wolves dropped full Kevlar.



Goon Jihad in Classic Rust

WIDEVERSE interest in Rust began on January 19th, 2014 when Prude talked Shelarahn and Pigeon into purchasing the Alpha version of the game for the staggering price of 19.99$ (which was a lot for a shitty potentially one off game experience). The first experience COMMUNISM had in Rust was on a random Goon server (years later revealed to be the same server many future BMW members frequented) that lasted all of 2 hours.

Later in the year, around August, a second venture was made, this time much more successful. A good portion of the COMMIES pilled onto a pubbie server and established THE CROWS NEST in the hills surrounding one of the smaller rad towns. The entire adventure is documented in the form of Twitch VODs on the COMMUNISM YouTube channel[1][2][3][4][5][6]. For about a week, Rust popped off hard, complete with a large raid against one of the prominent clans on the server that ended in a draw and a short lived coalition that ended in a power trip and betrayal, shocking that wasn't because of Shelarahn. Afterwards, momentum died down within the group, but Shelarahn remained in the game, admining a different server after lying and saying he was a late night/early morning admin. During this time, he would receive his first Rust ban.

In December, Rust again came to the forefront as the new Experimental update of Rust came out, leading to the COMMIES hosting a series of maps. The new builds were extremely buggy, most notably in the event of House of Wolves.



A very early map of the COMMIE CREW server and its prominent locations.

The early months of 2015 were very active for COMMIE CREW in Rust. The year began with the groups server doing rather well, considering. However, it would soon die out, forcing the COMMIES to once again seek out Pubbie servers. The group gained some notoriety on a particular unnamed pubbie server, but was eventually rolled given the groups inability to adequately farm, due to low manpower. This, along with other intrapersonal issues, was the catalyst for Taylor issuing his infamous May 6th edict, changing the groups direction from attempting to build from scratch, to infiltrating and taking over a larger org from within. The COMMIES first target: Goons.

GAY Crew

During the same period, the Goons of Something Awful were also getting into Rust, hosting a series of servers. In early May, two of the larger servers merged, creating GOON PLAYGROUND. The server was rather popular, attracting The COMMIES who decided to have a slight rebrand under the clan tag [GAY], at the behest of Prude, who was spearheading the project. Despite starting out small and attempting to ally with GDC, the GAYs eventually allied with GM, the preeminent clan on the server, led by Kimsemus. GMs power shielded the GAYs, allowing them to also grow. They also gained a sizeable amount of notoriety on the PLAYGROUND, especially Taylor, who quickly became renowned for his impressive sniper kills. When the server began dying out due to excessive raiding of pubbies, a consensus was reached that the active players of the server should band together under one banner, and branch out into pubbie servers.

Birth of BMW

On May 25th, GM, GAY, FORD, and other medium size clans all agreed upon merging into a new clan that would concentrate on raiding pubbies on their own servers, allowing GOON PLAYGROUND to recover its numbers of pubbies. The name BMW was agreed upon continuing the naming scheme of car companies. The first server was one hosted by a streamer named PsiSyndicate. This was specifically chosen as one of the founders, CalWorthington had a rager for stream sniping, and was usually very funny. However, the group struggled to find a foothold, being raided many times and having small DREADFORTS destroyed daily. The final straw was when Kimsemus and Taylor were banned for stream sniping a kid named ThatConleyKid.

Rusty Bottoms

A new server was found by Cal, this one populated by a few different streamers, most notably Jaq and Xyelz.

Terminus Gaming





Return to Rusty Bottoms

Rusty Spitoon


The Rusticity Wars

The Downfall


The Salt Shakers