Retards in Faerun

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Retards in Faerun was a series of pen and paper tabletop games played and hosted by BMW/WTT


FutureCasual first floated the idea of starting and Dungeons and Dragons group on November 17th, 2016 after the group as debating whether or not to start playing WoW. He posited that the idea was much less time investment and more appealing to the userbase. Initially, he turned down the position of DM, but after the relatively low experience level of most players, he decided to DM a starter module. The group continued to waffle on the idea of WoW or Tabletop for a few days, until planning actually began. The idea of playing WoW was heavily hampered in the splinter discord the admins had made.

BMW Lost Mines of Phandelver

The first session began a few weeks later on December 4th, 2016 with Future as DM, Taylor Swift, Rejdukien, Talljoe, and Longsaddle as players. Taylor played a Wood Elf ranger named Taylor the Swift, Rej played a Dwarven Cleric named Ahall Arondor, Talljoe played a Wood Elf Monk named Damys Morgan, and Longsaddle played a priest or mage or something that died real easily.

One-Shot: Apocalypse Now

A one night session that gave rise to the infamous phrase "Death to all chiggers". The group of Taylor, Ozmiander, and a few others took the game as unserious as they could, much to the chagrin to the DM, Talljoe.

Bimmers of the Sword Coast

On February 25th 2017, Future decided to continue to original Dungeons and Dragons crew with a new campaign that was very short lived, only going a single 1 hour session, highlighted only by Taylor eating something strange that may or may not have turned him into a demon. This plot point was going to be used later on in a campaign post Wonka Uprising that never materialized wherein Taylor would be the main villain, but never named.

Stars Without Numbers

Screenshot from Taylor's Twitch stream of the session where the crew overtook a ship.

In early March of 2017, Talljoe once again took up the mantle of DM with Taylor, Succ, Hazlen, and Hindered. The group, especially Taylor, didn't take the game very seriously at first, until a segment where they stole a spaceship by killing everyone by abusing gravity. The game petered out as most lost interest after 4-5 sessions.

BMW Vampire the Masquerade

Hindered, a New Orleans native, offered to run a Vamp game (set in NOLA). Taylor, Quornes, LindseyLohan, Scarybagels, and Tempus Thales were all invited to join. TT, naturally, committed but never showed up. The game lasted several sessions before Hindered had a meltdown that they werent taking it seriously enough.

WTT Mage The Awakening

WTT Mage The Awakening 2