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Shelarahn in his player owned house.

Wildstar was an MMO in 2014 that served to restart the COMMUNISM Revival after Lightninghoof had died out.


In early 2014, prospects were grim for the group. World of Warcraft had failed to materialize into anything lasting, despite being a huge boom for recruitment. Other games on the horizon as well seemed grim, until Pigeon of all people brought the hotly anticipated Wildstar to the groups attention. It seemed to have everything that COMMUNISM needed to boom and the hype began.

Most everyone preordered, allowing them to play the game a few days early and the antics began immediately on the server Pergo, from Prude trolling Trade chat to Shelarahn getting involved on the forums. These served as the backbone of the groups culture, despite being fairly inactive ingame. This shitposting attracted the attention of other notable Pergo players such as Solgnir, Succ, Dianic, and Gauze who all joined in late June and early July.

This however proved to more or less be the peak of COMMUNISM in Wildstar, as due to the games draconic grind and attunement processes, the playerbase began to rapidly decline, until by September nearly none of the COMMIES were playing.


Wildstar would continue to die and eventually be shutdown on November 28, 2018, but the impact the game had on COMMUNISM was undeniable. It resulted in both a boom in membership as well as serving as a cultural Golden Age that propelled the ground forward for some months, giving them the manpower and momentum eventually to take over BMW nearly a year later via the Color Coup.