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BornA long time ago
ResidenceDirty South
Years active2014-Present
Notable work
Being officer of Wildstar guild, Hosting the COMMIECRAFT servers, Shilling Dlive, Recurring commentator on election streams
AlignmentChaotic Neutral
AwardsSpaceballs Lifetime Achievement Award 2019



Solgnir was one of the early pickups for COMMUNISM from the Pergo forums, and was almost immediately promoted to officer. Throughout the Wildstar months he remained extremely active with forums PvP, taking to the COMMUNISM bit easily. Behind the scenes he was also setting up other projects like COMMIECRAFT.

Lightninghoof & Emerald Dream

After Wildstar died and COMMUNISM started to transition back into WoW, he was one of the few Pergo pickups to stay active within the group, along with Succ. While initially taking to the Emerald Dream project, he eventually fell back to play on Lightninghoof and keeping the guild there active.

Feud with Rust

When COMMUNISM started playing Rust in late 2014 and early 2015, Solgnir quickly developed a deep seated hatred towards it, mostly because his first expeirence was a hectic raid against the COMMUNISM compound. Due to this, he fell into the background as the group transitioned from COMMUNISM to BMW


In 2017 and 2018, Solgnir became active first on Twitch as a streamer before moving to the new crypto-based platform Dlive, enjoying high viewership and becoming a staple in the sites community.

Crypto Lord

Piggybacking off his time on Dlive, Solgnirs interest in crypto grew more over the next few years, delving into Crypto Twitter and maybe even buying NFTs (absolutely DISGUSTING if true)

WIDE Resurgence

In early 2023, longing for the good ole days, Solgnir became more involved, eventually joining as a co-host of The BEEFY BOYS and appearing regularly on BEEFYBALL!