Bear in the Woods

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Barry Woods
ResidenceThe Woods
EducationBear College
Years active2015, 2017-present
AlignmentChaotic Neutral

BearintheWoods (Born Barry Woods) is a longtime member of The WIDEVERSE.



Bear joined as part of the original BMW in June of 2015, participating casually in much of the Rust Golden Age. After the hiatus, however, he did not come back, and wasn't part of BMW's move from Reticulated Splines to the new BMW Discord.

2017 Return

Bear eventually returned however when Conan Exiles became popular.

Through the years Bear has been a moderator of and on, as well as being part of Taylors inner circle.


  • Fan of THE Ohio State University
  • Big anime convention guy, once bought Prude a Pekora fig at one
  • Had a chance to eat Chinese food with Taylor but declined
  • Highest Luck stat in WIDEVERSE