Sevier County Justice Party

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Sevier County Justice Party
MottoAppalachia Uber Alles
FormationSeptember 12, 2022; 21 months ago (2022-09-12)
HeadquartersMaryville, TN
AffiliationsCOMMUNISM Reformation Front

The Sevier County Justice Party (shortened to SCJP) is a political force focused on restoring greatness to The Smoky Mountains and as a group in The WIDEVERSE is dedicated to reforming the community to its former glory, seeing itself as a true spiritual successor to COMMUNISM, along with the COMMUNISM Reformation Front.


SCJP was dreamed up as a parody of the National Justice Party, a White Nationalist? Supremacism? organization simped for by members of one day while Taylor was jogging and thought adopting it as a cause along with "Smoky Mountain Nationalism" would be funny.

Fediverse Beginnings

WIDEVERSE Reformation

Core Beliefs

Territory currently claimed by the SCJP.
  1. The IMMEDIATE annexation of Knox and Blount County with the eventual invasion of Jefferson and Cocke Counties under the policies of East Tennessee Lebensraum.
  2. The death penalty via firing squad for the two unnamed juveniles who started the 2016 Gatlinburg Fire and the enslavement of both their families to rebuild, by hand, the Riverhouse Motor Lodge.
  3. A prohibition against "Tourist Moonshine" and cringe CBD stores. All such industries will have 1 month to vacate all facilities that will then be converted into making and selling grape soda in glass bottles.
  4. Dolly Parton Day.
  5. A new food pyramid that's just fudge, pancakes, and overpriced hamburgers.
  6. Razing The Margaritaville Hotel