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Jack on any given night
Other namesSimpleJack, Jackuu
OccupationCo-founder of BMW
Years active2015-2022, 2023
SuccessorJack 2
AlignmentTrue Neutral

Jack (Originally known in Rust as SimpleJack) mostly known for his typos, heavy drinking, mopey sadbrains and garbage taste in music. Possibly gay. Secondary founder of BMW through being frequent player in OG goonion rust server back in ye olde legacy days. Universally nice person, hyper racist nazi incel faggotry aside. Founder/architect of DETROIT 2.0 in legacy, the first DETROIT being a shitty dilapidated grouping of bases named as such because it was a run down pit filled with ferals and blacks.

Jack spamming Discord in a drunken rage because someone called him a loser.

Left in March '19 due to rampant faggotry from Sauce. Returned while shitfaced 6 weeks later only to have Peaches immediately dip. He'd remain a core member for years before falling out with CST in December of 2022. He would leave, then briefly return again before having a similar meltdown towards Taylor, and eventually the rest of WIDE.