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FormationJune 27, 2018; 5 years ago (2018-06-27)
FounderThe Wonkas
70~ (Maybe 10 active)

Wonkacord is a WIDEVERSE spinoff Discord, sometimes referred to as a Tay Fan Discord created during The Wonka Uprising.



Despite the server being claimed as a fallout in the wake of The Wonkas rebellion against Taylor, the truth is the server was set up days prior to the Uprising, implying The Wonkas had to some extent planned the Uprising, not being a spontaneous event as they had claimed.

Wonka Uprising

On the evening of June 28th 2018, Rejdukien complained of insufficient permissions for his bot, Trapbot to play music in a certain channel. A valid complaint that he took to extreme lengths, using it as a flimsy excuse to launch a preplanned full scale rebellion against BMW. Within hours, more than half of the main BMW Discord had joined, unsure of the reasons or the intentions. Slowly, The Wonkas spread misinformation, going as far as to lie about Taylor's actions and intentions, causing many fence sitters to fall to their side. On hearing that Taylor was overthrown and a new BMW being set up, many old Anti-Taylor elements, such as Gmach and CalWorthington, the former of whose infamous meme gave rise to the name "Wonkacord".

Brief Peak & Ashy Melty

Despite a slow start, by Mid-September the Discord was starting to show traction, and by mid-October was threatening to actually overtake BMW. They did this by copying all actions and game events Taylor and his newly appointed admin AlexanderDeLarge announced, using the numbers of their anti-Taylor recruits to outnumber the BMW events.

However, The Wonkas were unprepared for the responsibilities of leadership, and mismanaged the hype and momentum Ashy had brought in with his renewed Rust push, eventually pushing him out, as he formed his own Discord known as "BMW". Ashy's meltdown killed any and all momentum, with anti-Taylor elements reverting back to their lurker status, no longer contributing.

Skirmish of Wonka Plains


Admins & Mods