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Ashys original Steam avatar
Years active2015-2016, 2018

Ashy was one of BMWs primary rivals during the Conquest of Rusty Bottoms and then later sat on the original Council of Taylors BMW.



Ashy first came into the scope of BMW when he and his small group of CSGO friends were scouted by Rigby to join into his new clan, SPEED, in the wake of the failure of the HR Raid. This proved a boon to SPEED, as the new recruits were masters of gun fights, and rarely lost. Ashy was present during the SPEED Assault, assisting in defending against sorties. When Rigby went AWOL afterwards, Ashy stepped up as one of the defacto leaders of SPEED, but mostly dropping off the radar.

Recruitment to BMW & COUNCIL Member

After SPEED mostly disbanded, Capitaler reached out to Ashy and his group of friends to begin allying with BMW. The other admins of the server, notably BTK objected to this, citing that BMW adding that many new players from within the server pool would tip the balance of power too much. Of course this was all a ruse, as was later revealed that BTKs clan, TSBS was preparing a comeback. Regardless, Ashy and company were allowed to base near the DREADFORT and assisted as they could.

When BMW went into hiatus in September of 2015, Ashy was one of the few Bimmers to take up the responsibility of keeping the BMW name alive on Rusty Bottoms, to the best of his abilities. However, with less than 90% of the manpower, he was unable to keep a fully functional DREADFORT going, and soon burned out after a few weeks. Months later, when Method Man became an admin on Terminus, Ashy returned with the rest of the Bimmers and became a full fledged member as they moved forward into 2016.

After The Color Coup and the creation of BMWs own Discord, Ashy was chosen as one of the members to sit on the newly formed COUNCIL, a select group of Rust players who were chosen to lead BMW into a new era. As part of the Council, he led The Last Conquests until the end of Rust at the 2nd Rusticity War.

Ragequit & Aftermath

With Rust ended, the Council began turning on itself in many ways, leading to The BEEFY Troubles, where Ashy would resign and leave BMW. He would pop up a few times over the next few years but never staying. In early 2018, he would establish his own small Discord that led to a rift between him and the remaining Council.

Ashy popped up again after The Wonka Uprising as the leader of the groups Rust revival. However, in typical fashion, he butted heads with The Wonkas and the operation fell apart and formed its own split a few months later.