SPEED Assault

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SPEED Assault
Part of Conquest of Rusty Bottoms

The battlefield the morning after the raid in the ruins of the DREADFORT
DateJune 30th, 2015
Result Total loss of the DREADFORT, BMWs impenetrable base reputation broken
Commanders and leaders
BMW Capitaler
BMW Taylor Swift
BMW Kimsemus
Units involved
20~ Goons 12 SPEEDsters
Casualties and losses
DREADFORT, BMWs Pride Almost none

The SPEED Assault was the first all out raid on the DREADFORT that resulted in a total loss for BMW. The loss was a result of weeks worth of bad info and poor planning mostly on the part of Cal Worthington, who had been acting as the liason between BMW and SPEED (formerly HR). The assault remains to this day the only instance of a fully manned and upgraded DREADFORT being completely raided via an online raid.


The leader of HR, the group that would eventually become SPEED, had been feuding with BMW since the groups second week on the server. Going under the name Jaq at that time, BMW had tormented him extensively on his iceberg base during the first few weeks. Relations had been neutral with Cals diplomating, leading most of BMW to become complacent.


As most of BMW's forces were out roaming, SPEED in secret (as secret as a livestreamed raid could be) moved on the DREADFORT. A lone scout still at the fort called in reinforcements, leading all of BMW to teleport back. However, because of the janky nature of the game and the massive amount of players, explosions, and falling entities in the area putting massive strain on the server, many had issues just loading in and more trying to move around. By the time a defensive force was able to reach the loot room, SPEED had already nearly breached it, leaving BMW without any arms or ammunition, helpless as they watched the DREADFORT get torn to pieces. Kimsemus and Taylor went down with the ship, defending the DREADFORT from its ramparts until the last foundations destruction.


The loss was a massive blow to BMW's ego, having never suffered such a defeat. Many pointed to the extenuating circumstances surrounding the poor response and blaming it on the server and the game itself, while others recognized that the defeat was solely a result of poor intel. For the duration of BMW's Rust days, it would be the greatest defeat ever.