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Cap patrolling for anyone having fun
Other namesVertvictus
OccupationFormer leader of BMW
Years active2015-2016
SuccessorTaylor Swift
AlignmentLawful Neutral

Capitaler was an original pre-BMW Rust Goon who rose to prevalence as the leader of BMW in its first form. He's most noted as being a bit of a pedantic dick who sneered at the idea of having "fun".


Capitaler had originally played with the Goons during the first days of Experimental Rust, before concepts like raiding and actual gun play had been added. He would later quit Rust out of boredom both at the lack of content and the lack of real targets to harass. After Goon Playground and the Playground Wars, when ideas of merging all the Goons under one banner began to emerge, Capitaler again showed up interested. During the first wipe of PsiSyndicate, Capitaler was mostly low key, but during the second wipe when BMW has moved to Rusty Bottoms and Kimsemus, the defacto leader, was EAC banned, Capitaler stepped up and led the Goons.

For all of June through September, Capitaler, aided by Taylor Swift and Rejdukien, commanded the Goons to countless victories across many different wipes. After the No-clipper Attack, the admin of the server, Moegex, was forced to appoint a late night admin, of which Capitaler was the most obvious candidate.

Cap would later quit after the hiatus, only logging on sporadically. In later years, he would claim this was due to the group becoming "Alt Right" (Whatever the fuck that is), regardless of the fact that at the time politics was near non-existent in the group, outside of memes.