No-clipper Attack

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No-Clipper Attack
Part of Conquest of Rusty Bottoms

Hacker clipping and flying through the walls shortly before his brains were blown out by Taylor.
DateJune 30th, 2015
Result Total loss of the DREADFORT and compound, Capitaler appointed as late night admin
 BMW Hacker
Commanders and leaders
BMWCapitaler Xesaw
Units involved
5 Goons 1 hacky boi
Casualties and losses
DREADFORT, Fort Taylor, Cynthias Tower His pride when he had to log off and download an aimbot to beat BMW lmbo

Lead Up

The final wipe cycle of June 2015 had seen a rash of hackers, specifically noclippers after Garry had taken to Twitter and taunted exploit creators that his game was unhackable. In response, the exploit community released some of their more potent hacks, specifically ones allowing flight and the ability to move through any object.

Rusty Bottoms had had sporadic complaints of hacks, mainly chalked up to false claims. However, a few bases had begun to disappear overnight with little trace of raiding.


On the evening of June 30th, while tooling around, Taylor noticed that Cynthias base had disappeared after he experience a lag spike. Anticipating a possible attack on THE DREADFORT, he began messaging everyone that could get online. The only forces able to be mustered were Capitaler, Maglock, and a few of Maglocks friends.

The battle first began as Taylor was checking the grounds for damage, and upon entering the first ring of THE DREADFORT, encountered the hacker, Xesaw, face to face. Taylor immediately opened fire and killed Xesaw. Not expecting resistance, he backed off for a while before regrouping to try and take the DREADFORT. He eventually returned and began a back and forth gun battle throughout the hollow rings of the DREADFORT with the Bimmers.

For hours the hacker and Bimmers battled, with the Bimmers stationed at various tool cabinents needed to granted build access that would allow Xesaw to remove the foundations. Eventually he became so frustrated he logged off to download an aimbot. By this time Taylor had logged off from exhaustion and Capitaler and the few remaining Bimmers were running low on bullets and meds. The hacker eventually gained access to the needed cabinents and was able to remove the foundations of the DREADFORT one by one, causing a total collapse.


Taylor attempting to get Rusty Bottoms admin, The Economist, to ban the hacker. Linked is a YouTube video showing Xesaw flying through walls.

For several weeks BMW had wished to have Capitaler and/or Taylor appointed as admins on Rusty Bottoms. This event gave BMW the in needed for that, as for the next wipe 2 days later, Capitaler was elevated to admin

The hacker was banned several hours later, after much convincing to the admins, who sucked.

Garry patched out all the exploits with the new update and actual noclipping was never a problem encountered by BMW again.


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