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The DREADFORT (Sometimes styled as DAS DREADFORT or ZE DWEADFOAT in certain accents) was the primary base of BMW during the 2015 Era of BMW. Although the original architect of the DREADFORT was Kimsemus, Taylor Swift and Rejdukien both heavily contributed to the later revisions, adding to its flow, defensibility, and stability.

After the hiatus, the DREADFORT quickly became a weakness to BMW instead of an advantage, and was eventually abandoned in favor of DETROIT.



GMs original DREADFORT as seen to the left of the satellite. Also shown is the city of DETROIT and Gayvengers tower.

The DREADFORT was originally envision by the clan leader of GM, Kimsemus. He chose the name based partially on his avatar of Roose Bolton from Game of Thrones, whos family seat in Westeros was the same. The original concept came on the heels of the infamous FORD raid against GMs satellite base. The original DREADFORT was only 3 stories high and made of stone.


The first DREADFORT, foundation raided while Bimmers were offline by an unknown streamer.

When BMW formed and began playing on PsiSyndicate, it was realized that the increased manpower would need a much larger base to use. A several hour scouting trip was mounted a few days after the initial posts deciding BMW would form and that everyone would start playing cooperatively on public servers as opposed to privately ran Goon servers. Kimsemus, Taylor, Rejdukien, and several other early Bimmers were part of this first scouting trip.

First and foremost, a starter based was made to use to farm the resourced needed for the new base, named PIZZA HUT. This trend and tradition would remain throughout the years for BMW, naming a starter base after a popular fast food chain and including it in the final compound.

The first DREADFORT fell to ruin however when it was offline raided by a streamer. When Bimmers logged in for the day, the raid was already over and any defense was largely futile, as the raiders had completed raiding the base.

BMW based out of the Pizza Hut for the remainder of the wipe, until Kimsemus and Taylor were banned for stream sniping ThatConleyKid.


The Second DREADFORT, not long after being repaired following the semi-successful PANDAS raid.

With the move to Rusty Bottoms, BMW again rethought the layout of the DREADFORT. With the false positive ban of Kimsemus, the construction and design fell to Rejdukien. The first major change was the focus placed upon the starter shack, oppossed to the typical small shack that was near the DREADFORT, the starter base was built heavily upon and was many more yards away from the DREADFORT than usual. This scheme failed heavily when PANDAS boost raided the starter shack before THE DREADFORT could be completed.

PANDAS would again strike, this time at the complete DREADFORT, managing to completely foundation raid it. The few online Bimmers managed to repair the foundations before a server restart could take place and disaster was averted.

The DREADFORT would come under attack once again at the hands of FUKBMW who managed only to breach the first set of exterior walls of the compound before they were routed.


View from the roof of the Third DREADFORT. With iroguebots nerd pole and [SOA]acuddlyturtles base (Later Cynthias) in the background.

The 3rd iteration was almost a carbon copy of the 2nd, with very few minor revisions. It was located almost in the exact same spot too, as the weeks wipe had not changed the map seed. The starter shack was placed within the walls of the compound (Which later backfire when KRAKEN used it to mount several raids against the DREADFORT, all of which were unsuccessful). Also featured on the grounds was iRoguebots nerd pole, which was also taken and used against the DREADFORT at several points before it was torn down. Prude later in the wipe built a second smaller DREADFORT to the northeast that was connected by a skybridge that was widely mocked due to its usefulness in a theoretical raid situation.

The northern part of the compound was not fully walled in and instead was peppered by a sea of wood traps and barricades, which actually turned out to be strangely effective.

The 3rd DREADFORT was the first fort that was not once breached by a single enemy. KRAKEN launched countless attempts against it however, never progressing past taking a few out shacks.

There were several major pros and cons to this iteration. Mainly, the cold of the winter biome made it harder to teleport in and out of because of the constant cold damage you would take unless properly clothed. However, its proximity to a rad town and its remote location, along with the northern edge bordering the ocean and its eastern side bordering a river., made it rarely seen and hard to attack against. Also, the addition of the sphere tank tops base to overlook and flank, the positioning was almost ideal.


Fourth DREADFORT seen from a flanking position in The Rusty Goons 2 video.

The DREADFORT was moved from the far northern snows to the middle of the map at the airfield, a move that would later prove to be the new blueprint for all DREADFORTS. This was a decision by Capitaler who was becoming the main leader of BMW in the recent absence of Kimsemus. The move also moved Taylor more into the limelight of the group, highlighting his uncanny sniping abilities.

Xyelz and a gang of random pubbies and BMW haters engaged in a several hour raid that was ultimately unsuccessful against BMW.

A new upstart clan headed by a former victim of BMWs antics, HR, attempted a massive raid on The DREADFORT. The raid breached the exterior walls and got into the first ring of the DREADFORT before being utterly routed.

The wipe ended with The Door Code Incident where Taylor accidentally revealed the doorcodes in a YouTube video highlighting the HR raid. He's still mocked for it to this day.


The 5th DREADFORT seen in a video recording during a counter-raid

This certain maps seed did not feature an airport, so a valley in the north was chosen at random mostly because it was the only non-desert space on the map flat enough for the DREADFORTS compound to be placed. This would also be the last of the DREADFORTS to favor height over girth.

The first attack came at the hands of Xyelz and crew in a last ditched effort to take down BMW before they left the server, mostly out of shame for all the ass whippings they have received at BMWs hands. A surprise attack was launched while BMW was out raiding, that just happened to be caught by Taylor as he teleported back to base for supplies. The intruders had pierced into the 2nd ring before Xyelz and his right hand man, Devvz, were caught in a pincer attack by Taylor and Capitaler, ending the raid.

This was the first DREADFORT to ever fall during the SPEED raid. Also caught by surprise, the raid was excepted as Rigby, the leader of SPEED, had been coordinating with Cal Worthington. This was later seen as a terrible decision as it led BMW to be complacent and not prepare for an all out offensive. BMW was put at a serious disadvantage as by the time defenders arrived back at base or logged on, the game lagged to the point that retaliation was impossible.


6th DREADFORT emblazoned with a giant Confederate flag to annoy Rusty Bottoms admin, The Economist

The map again featured no airport, so the desert was chosen due to a late start by BMW and its proximity to the sphere. The compound expanded immensely this wipe with multiple oil pumps and mining rigs dotted around the DREADFORT. Also present for the first time was an ancillary flank base called FORT TAYLOR, which mostly served as a shrine to Taylor Swift pictures and taunts against former enemies. It was also used to teleport pubbies in and mess with them before executing them.

This was technically the second DREADFORT to fall, only due to the No-clipper Attack. However, that event later led to Capitaler being appointed as an admin of the server.


7th DREADFORT seen in the distance

For the first time in several wipes, the DREADFORT found its way to an airport, but not after a very late start from BMW and two starter bases. The spot was partially taken by some random player, who was quickly rolled and his base demolished.

SPEED had since disbanded, but remnants of the group attempted periodic raids against the DREADFORT, making little progress aside from damage to a few outer layers.


8th DREADFORT from a screencap

Just a few hours after the completion of the 8th DREADFORT, it came under a massive suprise attack by multiple people, who had clearly farmed all day heavily to produce this level of attack. While sustaining massive damage, the attackers failed to push on the DREADFORT and were slaughtered before even entering the compound.

The sphere happened to also be near the airport this wipe, so a second large base was placed on top of it but rarely used. Several large flank bases were added, named after various female celebrities. This would also introduce Fort Taylor as a smaller DREADFORT.

The Trashcan DREADFORT was also prototyped.

BMW went into a 2 week haitus after this.


9th DREADFORT seen from above. Taken by Taylor while in admin flying mode. The small circular building in the lower left corner of the compound was a mocked up loot room, a prototype that was used in the next wipe.

After the two week hiatus, BMW returned severaly undermanned and ill-prepared. The airport was scouted but another large base was already present there, taking up much of the space. The outlook was grim as BMW was frequently routed and starter shacks raided. In a last ditched hail mary, Capitaler led a small raid group into an online raid against the base, which quickly turned in BMWs favor. The original occupants failed to defend and quickly raged logged after a half hearted defense.

Quornes got hammered one night and walled off the entire airport without giving cupboard access to anyone but himself.

One morning, the DREADFORT was raided and cored, losing most of the loot either to despawn or it being picked up, all while Taylor was cooking tendies. Capitaler wanted the group to give up for the week but Taylor convinced him to push on and get revenge.


10th DREADFORT seen from above. Taken by Taylor while in admin flying mode.

The first wipe to have both Taylor and Capitaler as admins, no one even dared to try and attack the DREADFORT.

A new massive THUNDERDOME was built for pubbie fights and resources were plentiful enough that a second DREADFORT was built as Fort Taylor



Taking place on the premade map of Rust, taking the airport was a bit of a struggle, as the entire airport was on a steep slope, making placing the DREADFORTS foundations a bit of trial and error.

As with almost all DREADFORTS, the 11th was not only never taken but was not even attacked in any serious manner. However, the wipe saw the reemergence of the other admin clan, TSBS.



Again situated on the airfield, the 12th DREADFORT featured one of the most sprawling complexes to date. Complete with a full sized Fort Taylor, with pubbie jail, a THUNDERDOME, pubbie apartments, and a massive walled off area for quarries and pump jacks. The top of the 12th DREADFORT featured a special pubbie jail wherein the Bimmers would bag in random pubbies just to cage them in and fuck with them. Taylor would frequently stream episodes of Midnight In The Desert from the top of the DREADFORT late at night.


Aka The Final DREADFORT, was the last of the original 13 DREADFORTS during BMWs original tenure on Rusty Bottoms. On the last day of the wipe, as Taylor was deconstructing it, the base came under attack from TSBS, the recently reorganized admin clan. The raid lingered as a bit of a scandal, as there had been a recent slew of no-clipper attacks, wherein peoples loot had been stolen from bases that weren't raided, and when prompted to investigate, BTK convinced Moegex to remove the plugin that would log who was using chests. Then for TSBS to come at the DREADFORT with enough explosive to potentially level it, after a week of solid raiding, was extremely suspicious. However, as the Bimmers were done with the server for several months, the matter was never resolved and remains a mystery to this day.


A mainline DREADFORT is defined by a full scale DREADFORT using the original Kimsemus or Rekdukien/Swift design that was built and manned by BMW at full strength during the 2015-2016 era. However, there were several other DREADFORTS during and after that period that fit the rough definition of a DREADFORT without being an actual mainline DREADFORT. Many were concepts or side bases, and as such were not main bases of BMW.


alt:2nd GM DREADFORT, pre-WUTANG raid

After BMW formed, Bishyaler and Shadowgates server, Goon Playground, dropped off in population. However, several members of both GM, WUTANG, GAY, and FORD continued to casually play on the server in an attempt to draw in a new pubbie population.

The skeleton crew of GM built a second iteration of the DREADFORT based on the original GM Satellite base design instead of the BMW design.

It was later solo raided by Method Man, who had continued playing on the server, before he switched over to playing with BMW.

The Trashcan

Aerial view of the Trashcan DREADFORT

The trashcan DREADFORT was built in conjuction with the 8th DREADFORT from a glut of resources attained during the wipe. It was a proof of concept of how big a DREADFORT could theoretically go. It was not completed as halfway through it was deemed unfeasible to do in a 1 week wipe scenario and the upkeep would be a nightmare. The interior had one room, which was later covered in black signs to mimic the w:Kaaba.


Aerial view of the Hiatus DREADFORT and compound

The Hiatus DREADFORT was built by Ashy and a few remnants of BMW after the end of the 2015 Era and the beginning of the long hiatus. Unfortunately, the base was not feasible due to massive lack of manpower and was quickly raided.


When BMW returned from hiatus, a few Bimmers had set up on a new server admined by Method Man, but owned by a pubbie. The exterior and compound were largely 1:1 with the original DREADFORT design, but the inside was much different, featuring ladder hatches instead of stairwells, leading to many complications in base defense and rekitting. The DREADFORT was lost to a mass raid by NAMBLA, and BMW went into another brief hiatus because of the launch of Fallout 4.

2 second smaller DREADFORTs were also built by Prude elsewhere on the island, but were also lost.


The Adolfs DREADFORT with SPACE PROGRAM tower. The towers graphics glitched out due to its height, causing the tearing.

The Adolf DREADFORT was built after a several hour mission picking door frames to level a tower already on the site, since BMW had arrived on the server halfway through a 2 week wipe cycle. The DREADFORT was one of the most massive to date, and infamously featured The Space Needle, which was a tower so high that planes flew under the top perch. It also caused massive lag when people would come into render distance of it, was well as causing graphical tearing and glitches. The DREADFORT was leveled one night by a coalition of other clans very upset that BMW had come to the server, and replaced it with an autistic screed.


NewBoondock DREADFORT suffered early setbacks due to a multihour siege by cheating Chinamen who were glitching themselves into high external walls to shoot people. However, the DREADFORT was eventually assembled and was even larger than the Adolf fort, sans Space Needle. Adjacent to the DREADFORT was the largest Fort Taylor built to-date. 3o6 attempted multiple attacks, failing each time, resulting in them constructing a tower next door to try and snipe. Taylor countered this with The Great Wall of Autism that obscured their view of THE DREADFORT. 3o6 later claimed they foundation raided THE DREADFORT the day before the wipe, but the interior had already been demolished by BMW.

1st Rusticity DREADFORT

2nd Rusticity DREADFORT

Short lived and marked by suspected admin abuse, the 2nd Rusticity DREADFORT was of little consequence. The wipe occurred during one of Taylors periods of inability to play, resulting in no leadership and no vision, which led to a short wipe cycle.

Rusty Bottoms Return DREADFORT

3rd Rusticity DREADFORT

4th Rusticity DREADFORT

The final Rust DREADFORT.

The Final DREADFORT ever, and the last base of BMW in its original Rust era, the 3rd Rusticity DREADFORT was a much different style than previous DREADFORTS. Built and engineered by Measly Twerp, the fort took on a square design in contrast to the iconic cylindrical design of the past.



The construction of a DREADFORT weekly was usually a very well planned process. Starting with a Shitshack to base out of while storing materials, Rej and Taylor would soon begin laying the foundations after finding a suitable spot with enough flat land. Total build time usually took a few hours depending on how many people were helping to upgrade pieces.

Exterior Design

In the first few iterations of the DREADFORT, the exterior was a hodgepodge of bases, walls, and other assorted structures. However, starting with the 7th iteration, a courtyard was added to give an extra cushion of security for entering and exiting the main structure

Space Needle

The space needle existed in infancy all the way back to the first iterations, but as a mere flagpole. It wasnt until later iterations when the Bimmers attempted to see how far it could be, most famously peaking with the ADOLFS DREADOFORT. The needle had no real purpose, other than for laughs.


The shitshack that served as the progenitor base for the DREADFORT was always built in a fairly familiar style. Usually a 2 story square structure, the shitshack was given the name of a fast-food restaurant and referred to such throughout the entirety of the wipe ie Pizza Hut, Wing Stop, etc.

Fort Taylor

While Fort Taylors history began as a shitshack in the desert on Goon Playground, with BMWs continued dominance and glut of resources, it was able to evolve into a second DREADFORT. Starting with the 10th DREADFORT, the massive overflow of stone and wood allowed for almost endless construction projects, and the prospect of having a second massive base reduced the risk of a total loss from a raid, since invaders would be unable to fully raid both.


The roof of the DREADFORT was one of the few features of the DREADFORT that remained in flux throughout all iterations. No two roofs were ever the same, sometimes a complicated bunker featuring plenty of shooting angles and others featuring pubbie zoos used to bed in unsuspecting players for the Bimmers amusement.

Interior Design

Kit Rooms


Loot Room

Top Floor


  • Although immense in size, 90% of the DREADFORT was hollow and empty (Much like most Bimmers)


Alternate and Proposed Designs