Conquest of Rusty Bottoms

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The Conquest of Rusty Bottoms

The Bimmers decorate the former site of an enemy base so they know who to be pissed at.
DateMay 29th - August 30th 2015 (2 months, 3 weeks and 5 days)
Result BMW utterly dominates and kills the Rusty Bottoms Rust server
Commanders and leaders
BMW Capitaler
BMW Kimsemus
BMW Taylor Swift
BMW Rejdukien
The Economist
~ 100 Bimmers An endless horde of Pubbies
Casualties and losses
Katy Perrys Milk Tits, 2 DREADFORTS, Capitalers patience Heavy personnel losses, total resource losses in most cases, countless pubbies run off of the server

The Conquest of Rusty Bottoms was a months long campaign during the Summer of 2015 that came shortly after the formation of BMW. The war is widely agreed as one of the greatest sagas in BMW history, and solidified BMW as a force withing the Something Awful gaming community.


Coming of Kimsemus, Taylor, and others bans for stream sniping on PsiSyndicates server, Rusty Bottoms was chosen by Cal because of the presence of several streamers on the server, as was BMW's motive in the early days of Rust.


The First Wipes

During the first wipe, BMW had set up in the frozen north but was constantly under siege by the larger clans like PANDA and TSBS, even once completely foundation raiding the DREADFORT, saved only by the quick work of Prude and others to get the foundations back in place before a server reset. However, once the DREADFORT was fully built and secured, the complex was safe enough to withstand a full scale assault by FUKBMW. In the second wipe, BMW would stay in the frozen north but in a much more secure compound, never once penetrated except briefly by KRAKEN who overtook an unsecured tower on the periphery built by iRoguebot.

On the 3rd wipe, however, Capitaler made the call to move the compound to the airfield.

Dominance Begins

Now centrally locked and overlooking one of the maps major landmarks, BMW had near complete control of the island, raiding any and all at will. This persisted for several wipes, set back only by a noclip hacker and a full scale assault by SPEED.

The July Hiatus

By early July however, burnout had begun to set in. Recruitment from the forums had slowed to a crawl between lack of interest, a small sect of people unwilling to play modded, and other factors. Capitaler called a 2 week hiatus for the group. The return however was rocky, almost leading to BMW's disbandment, but a last minute blitzkrieg by Capitaler, CynthiaDutch, Taylor, and a few others to secure the airfield for THE DREADFORT saved the venture.

BMW Admins

After the No-Clipper attack, BMW made a concetrated push to get one or more of the BMW members to become admins of the server. First was Capitaler, due to his trusted and fairly objective personality, but in time Taylor too was made an admin, giving BMW a unique control over the server. Historians debate the lengths to which the BMW Admins might have leveraged their power in their favour, however most agree that Capitaler used his sparingly, while Taylor abused his quite often, albeit discreetly as to not raise suspicions.

The Final Wipes

With August of 2015, BMW had near complete control on the server. No clans were able to mount even the smallest offense against them, and the server population began to suffer. Burnout was again beginning to set in, and with Taylor soon to dissappear for his yearly College Football obsession, it was again decided to call it quits, but this time indefinitely. TSBS had begun to reform, it to with 2 admins at its helm, and as of the last wipe BMW was present for, had begun to engage in sketchy behaviour. The last encounter on Rusty Bottoms as a clan was TSBS raiding an empty shell as Taylor had begun dismantling the DREADFORT>

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