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Alexander D. Large
Alex on his way to Seder
Alexander Delargestein

Tel Aviv
Other namesADL, Chronos, Deleted User
OccupationProfessional Shill/Former Leader of WTT
Years active2016-2020, 2023-Present
PredecessorTaylor Swift
SuccessorTaylor Swift
AlignmentChaotic Neutral

AlexanderDeLarge was the leader of WTT after the abdication of Taylor Swift and the resignation of his co-leader, Peaches, in May of 2019. ADL is best known for his extreme penny pinching ways and his penchant for shilling a new game every week, but also his key role in the reformation of The WIDEVERSE in the wake of The Wonka Uprising.


Alex joined BMW in early January of 2016, but was a rare contributor and ever rarer participant in video games, by his recollection, never even playing Rust, despite joining during its heyday. At the time, BMW brass discouraged Alex from being kept in the loop, out of their fear he would try and snipe an SA thread for potential BMW games. However, as Conan Exiles rolled around a year later, his activity within the group increased, as his former modship in SA Discord began to wane due to the servers tanking popularity. Conan would end miserably, but Alex would remain active in BMW.

His transition into the big time of the group would come during Destiny 2, when he acted as a leader and co-raid leader and sometimes Goon clan liaison. Destiny would also fail, however. Finally, in July 2018, after the Wonka Uprising, Alex stepped forward to begin helping to reform WTT, which his idea of weekly game nights, specifically Garrys Mod TTT.

When Taylor made the decision to abdicate as leader of WTT, Alex was his first pick to co-lead the group, along with Peaches. The duo was originally envisioned to be the perfect pairing of game leadership and social leadership, respectively. However, due to misunderstandings, infighting, and The Sauce Affair, the vision didnt pan out, and Peaches would resign in early May of 2019, leaving Alex the sole leader. Regardless, Alex stepped up and brought about a new Golden Age to WTT.

A Meltdown Orange

Throughout the later parts of 2019 and 2020, ADLs behaviour grew increasingly erratic, forcing MOTHER to step in and strip him of his duties, making him leader in name only as behind the scenes most duties were transferred back to Taylor. His combative nature reached a fever pitch on July 13th 2020, disappearing from the WIDEVERSE after a spat with Capri Sun Tzu.

ADL returned unexpectedly on April 21st, 2023.


Despite the last few months of his original tenure, ADL is remembered as being one of the most influential members of The WIDEVERSE. His work post-Wonka Uprising in helping to transform the WIDEVERSE from a stagnate group to a thriving community cannot be understated. His antics as well were legendary to the culture, with many of his more memorable quotes and memes still quoted years after his departure.

Fun Facts

  • His favorite game is Daggerfall.
  • He will literally die if he doesn't mention Ultima Online at least once a day
  • No living human has ever had a conversation with Alex in which he did not try to shill them on at least one game or service.
  • Has gold buried in his yard. Rent a backhoe and go steal it.