Conan Exiles

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Conan Exiles is a Survival action game, much in the style of Rust that served as BMWs launchpad back into a major gaming scene in 2017.


2016 Hype

As Rust began to die out due to various factors, BMW leadership had begun to look forward to the next big thing. The only real candidate on the radar was February 2017s Conan Exiles, a game close enough to Rust in mechanics and gameplay to potentially be a contender. Hype grew especially as Rust officially fell apart after the 2nd Rusticity War.

Launch & Goon Server

Launch was hectic, with a multitude of problems. Chief among them was the revelation that servers supported only 50 or so people. BMW itself fielded over half the server because of this, causing many issues on selecting servers.

Simulatenously, TT and Rejd began work on creating a Linux based server for the game, something the developers did not provide for natively. This led to TT eventually launching a Goon branded server.


Problems within and the game and out began to mount, but mostly just frustration with the game itself, because it sucked. By April, very few were playing the game, namely Cynthia_Dutch and Duster, who had moved the operation away from BMW to a seperate Discord.


The failures of Conan Exiles led heavily to the The Great Slump of 2017 and many of the problems that would plague BMW for years.