2nd Rusticity War

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2nd Rusticity War
BMW occupied Rusticity
 BMW Ddosers
Butthurt Goons
Commanders and leaders
BMW Taylor Swift
BMW Measly Twerp
Angry Luigi
20+ Bimmers Countless pubs

The 2nd Rusticity War was a short lived conflict in September of 2016 after the former owner of Rustcity, Lev, shut his down and BMW stole the branding to create their own server


When Lev announced that he would be shutting down the OG Rusticity, almost immediately Taylor decided it would be a good idea for BMW to use Bishyalers hosting capabilities to take the existing branding the day after the original was shut down. Taylor spent hours going through old VODs to make sure all details, plugins, and branding were correct to fully replicate the server and just a few hours after the original went down on wipe day, the BMW version went up.


Almost immediately an unknown party, although widely assumed to be Lev, began DDoSing the server. Being hosted on Bishaylers own home network, the server was unable to withstand the attack but was soon moved over to a mitigation service. However, between this and the rumour quickly spreading that the server was not Levs, many were turned off from the server and left while still leaving a sizeable player base.

BMW Infighting

Infighting began too almost immediately when a Goon by the name of Angry Luigi began accusing Measly Twerp of abusing his admin powers and spawning in resources to build the DREADFORT. These claims were entirely baseless and without evidence, but where 100% true. The admins of the server quickly banned him from all platforms to stop the rumour.

More infighting later came as several sections of players split off to create their own clans to prevent BMW from becoming a mega-clan once again. Ashy most notably split off with some of his friends, and after being raided immediately rage quit, once again souring the mood of the server.

Server Death

Within two wipes, the server population had slipped into the low teens, with only a few small groups and clans still playing, easily crushed by the much more experience BMW veterans in any conflict, even defensive. Between that and the other issues, Bishyaler pulled his hosting to prevent any further threats against his network and the server died a quiet death.


The server was BMWs first and last successful Rust server project. The infighting that resulted however had devastating effects on the community, leading to Ashy stepping down as admin and leaving BMW as well as directly leading into the dispute between Prude and Taylor that became known as The BEEFY Troubles.