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PredecessorBMW, Wonkacord
FormationNovember 2018

"BMW" was a short lived offshoot of Wonkacord which itself was an offshoot of WTT.


"BMW" began its life as the Rust arm of Wonkacord. In the months following The Wonka Uprising, the newly formed Discord sought to unify all former Bimmers in their campaign against Taylor. This included bringing back known rager Ashy, who revived Rust when Taylor began suggesting people restart it at the behest of Cynthia Dutch. The group had moderate success, attracting back less than 10 of the original Rust Bimmers, but finding some success in game. However, conflicts quickly arose between Ashy and the admins of Wonkacord, due to their terrible management skills and Ashy proneness to getting mad at everything.

In November of 2018, after repeated requests for a dedicated Rust channel amonst other things, Ashy and Method Man split off from Wonkacord, forming their own group. This group did not fare much better, and within a few months was also dead and members had migrated to The Hotdogs.

Feud with Joecord

At some point, Joe and his small group of friends began tormenting "BMW" ingame, leading to a short lived rivalry that mostly resulted in Ashy getting annoyed and Joe trolling them.