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Rigby (Originally known by Jaq) was a one time rival and later member of BMW.


Jaq came into the sights of BMW as a streamer, one of many on Rusty Bottoms taht Cal Worthington painted as targets for the fledgling BMW. The infamous iceberg base raid set him as a friendly rival to BMW, going on to form HR and attempting a raid on the DREADFORT. Despite being routed, he would later reform HR into SPEED and attempted once again, but this time successfully, to destroy the DREADFORT. After this he disappeared from the server.

Rigby would later return via his contact with Ashy and join into BMW during The Last Conquests. He led a clan with Ashy on the short lived BMW Rusticity server.


After Rust died down ARMA III became popular among the Bimmers, going as far to rent their own server. Rigby was one of the primary proponents of ARMA and a primary contributor. However, his presence led to scandal when he spent the better part of an afternoon blowing up Ashys APCs, causing a sizeable meltdown.

Rigby, unlike many other Rust era players, remained in BMW after The Wonka Uprising, due to the nature of his military deployment and not being around for a majority of happenings.


  • His wife is kind of hot
  • Vape lord