Color Coup

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The Color Coup

Taylor addressing the COMMIES after the creation of BMW Discord
DateMay 6th 2015 - March 7th 2016 [1]
Result Decisive COMMUNISM Victory, later resulting in the merger of COMMUNISM and BMW
 Something Awful
Commanders and leaders
COMMUNISMTaylor Swift BMW Kimsemus
BMW Capitaler
5 COMMIES 100+ Bimmers

The Color Coup or The Silent Coup was a year long attempt by COMMUNISM to find a larger group to ally itself with in the hopes of bolstering COMMUNISMs numbers. However, in the end, the larger group ended up becoming the main group instead, later absorbing COMMUNISM and its members and history. While considered an overwhelming victory, the issues that arose from the coup would later result in both the BEEFY Troubles as well as The Wonka Uprising.


Taylors Plot

I discussed this briefly both with Devin individually and in the Facebook chat, but I'll make a post so we have it on record.

We've done fairly well for ourselves considering at best we are never more than 10 jerkoffs being rude as fuck to everyone. The problem we have however is that our carefree structure is almost harmful to some games where a bit of sperging and hard work in mandatory. This is all new territory for COMMIE CREW since its only during my reign that we have tried to branch out into anything not named World of Warcraft. So the idea we have is that we need to start being more parasitic, that is, finding a small to medium non-sperg group on any competitive server we play on and align ourselves with them. The advantages of this are: 1. Other people can do the heavy lifting and infrastructure work for us so we can just log in and fuck around 2. It allows us to keep our group identity while still being moderately successful 3. The possibility of recruitment goes way up when there's a mutual thing already instead of pissing off entire servers

Not all games require this. WoW, GW2, and most other MMOs we can still remain COMMIE CREW or COMMUNISM since they dont require any sort of upkeep or vigilince aside from just logging in and spraying our huge load of bullshit all over chat channels. However, any FPS or game that requires a shit-ton of cooperation and teamwork will require us to do this.

I believe the way we operate is fine as it is, but unfortunately it leads to a quick burn out rate and never yields any long term gains. COMMIE CREW will probably never be able to do this on our own since we are essentially just a couple dudes fucking off, but if we adhere to this method I think we can have some serious fun.

Taylor Swift on COMMUNISMs change in philosophy regarding recruitment (5/6/15)

Since the revival of COMMUNISM in 2012, recruitment and user retention was the primary issue facing the group. By early 2015 is was clear that the group was unable to grown in any meaningful way using its current methods. On May 6th, Taylor posted a thread on the officer section of the COMMUNISM forums, proposing a new angle of recruitment: Instead of being the primary aggressors who are the face and antagonists, but to join up with a larger already established group and use its resources and manpower to further COMMUNISMs goals.

GAY Crew & Founding of BMW

The first venture with this new philosophy was on Goon Playground in the game Rust, where the group re-branded itself as GAY Crew. Within a few days, they had allied themselves with one of the larger clans on the server, GM. The partnership proved beneficial for both as time went on, in giving GAY the manpower it wanted while allowing GM to further tighten its choke hold on the server. This oppressive pairing had an unintended but beneficial consequence: Killing off the server and forcing the larger community to band together and fight against common enemies elsewhere. The result was the megaclan of BMW, which merged GAY, GM, as well as their rival, FORD. The influx of players was exactly what Taylor had desired, a massive force of people who were available to further the groups goals. In the early days, however, many different factions were vying for control of BMWs resources. Aside from COMMUNISM, the leader of GM, Kimsemus, was also a contender for leader of the group, but with his EAC ban very early on, he was removed from the mix. It fell mostly to the relative unknown Capitaler to lead the group. Taylor gladly affixed himself as Capitalers right hand man, using his charisma as well as his skills in content creation with the Rusty Goons series to solidify his usefulness to BMW.

With the Autumn 2015 Hiatus, Capitaler mostly left the group and with Kimsemus not returning, leadership fell solely to Taylor to reunite BMW in late 2015 with the transfer to Terminus Gaming.

A Useful Idiot

Even with leadership firmly secured by Taylor, complete control wasnt realistic yet, as the group still relied on a third party platform for its communication. The Mumble, then Discord server of Reticulated Splines was owned by a Goon named Woofington who was a known hostile to Taylor specifically, but also to BMW in a broader sense. A change of platform was needed but there was no way to bring about that change until when during one of BMWs many Rust server changes, they came upon an old rival player named Hef. Somehow or another, Hef came upon the groups Discord and began sitting in on voice conversations and freely reading chats. Woofingtons unwillingness to not only remove Hef but also to not appoint any new mods led Taylor to create the BMW Discord, and move the entirety of the members there.

With this move, Taylor secured leadership of BMW. However, his rule would be questioned for the next two years, finally culminating in The Wonka Uprising.


Although in the end, the opposite of what was originally intended was achieved, The Color Coup served as an absolute reformation and paradigm shift for The WIDEVERSE that is still felt to this day. The shedding of the increasingly archaic COMMUNISM as well as the formation of a permenant and widespread culture beyond what had essentially been just 3 friends shitposting moved the WIDEVERSE forward in a way that hadn't fully been expected, even by Taylor.


  1. The exact ending is a matter of heated debate. Original theory suggests that the coup ended upon successful creation of the BMW Discord, but others say that it didn't truly end until the Wonka Uprising