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The All-Seeing Eye of MOTHER
Agency overview
FormedLate 2012
Preceding agencies
Motto"Meine Ehre hei├čt Treue"
Agency executive

MOTHER was the secret police/intelligence community that quietly protects The WIDEVERSE from threats inside and out. The group evolved from its inception as VIGIL during the Friend Zone era, where it vetted potential recruits to the guild, and IRON CURTAIN, which protected COMMUNISM and COMMIE CREW. With the formation of BMW, the group was once again reformed under the name GESTAPO all through Taylors reign until his abdication in March 2019. A 4th incarnation was established in December of 2019 under the current name, but was dissolved in December of 2022.


The concept of a COMMUNISM secret police dates back to the early days of COMMUNISM in 2007, when members would go undercover into rival guilds to gather intelligence and to generally stir the shit. One of the earliest and most notable members of this proto-GESTAPO was Vandrea, who infiltrated DISEASE multiple times via turncoat officers, and forced multitudes of members to gquit.

VIGIL (2012-2013)

Official logo of VIGIL

VIGIL officially began in 2012 when the Guild Leaders of Friend Zone requested that Shelarahn begin looking into the background of new recruits, after a potentially toxic member was almost allowed in. However, VIGIL would eventually find itself at war with the same guild leaders months later when the possible guild merger between Check Please and Friend Zone was intentionally sabotaged after it was decided the merger was more of an absorption with very little positives for the Friends. Further heat would be generated when Shelarahn and VIGIL turned on the guild streamers boyfriend and doxxed him to a rival clan (ironically, Check Please). VIGIL was disbanded with the removal of Shelarahn and Friend Zone leaving the WIDEVERSE.

IRON CURTAIN (2013-2015)

Official logo of the IRON CURTAIN

The secret organization was reformed in late 2013, after the COMMUNISM Revival and the movement of the group to Lightninghoof US. The groups new focus back to trolling and shitposting resulting in IRON CURTAIN focusing more on finding new targets to troll. A notable example was infiltrating a PvP clan known as <DISTRACTION> and IRON CURTAIN operatives getting a recording of him admitting to shitting himself live during a battleground.

When COMMUNISM moved into Wildstar, IC shifted its tactics from trolling to more aggressive propaganda, convincing Shelarahn to produce a series of Taliban style manifesto videos to promote the guild. This was wildly successful and quickly made a name for COMMUNISM on Pergo. They also began collecting info on people in order to manipulate them either into joining COMMUNISM or antagonizing them for the guilds benefit.

The IRON CURTAIN went into hiatus after Wildstar died down, but wound back up during the Emerald Dream Invasion. IC continued their previous agitprop ways, and expanded into outright spying, including infiltrating a very popular community radio show and hijacking it live during a broadcast for COMMUNISM.

GESTAPO (2015-2019)

Official GESTAPO logo from 2015 to December 2019.

GESTAPO informally began when Taylor and some previous VIGIL/IRON CURTAIN friends began looking into Rust enemies, and was further helped by Cal Worthington and his WANTED signs. GESTAPOS official formation was May 25th 2016, with the BMW Discord, after GESTAPO agents alerted Taylor and Jack about Hef trying to infiltrate Woofingtons Discord.

The group quietly watched for several months, doing its best to keep the various subgroups that comprised BMW in check and inline. During the last months of 2016, GESTAPO was successful in finding several conspiracies to overthrow Taylor, most notably Westworld. The BEEFY Rebellion provided a good distraction to destroy the coups momentum.

GESTAPO was fully prepared to come back in a large way for Conan Exiles, but the games failure ended that prospect.

In mid-2018, after The Goose Migration, GESTAPO uncovered a vast plot by the former Westworld conspirators to once again try and invent a coup against Taylor. The loyal mods and admins were able to mitigate most of the damage, however, and the event amounted to a wet fart. Further efforts months later were also undermined by GESTAPO, preventing once and for all the groups attempts.

After Taylors abdication in March of 2019, GESTAPO began to wind down its operations, finalizing its remaining projects with the climax of The Sauce Affair. Afterwards, the group was entirely shuttered.

Many of GESTAPOS activities are still considered "classified" and as such are not listed here.

MOTHER (2019-2023)

The first MOTHER logo from 2019 to 2021. Based off of the original VIGIL logo from 2012.

In the wake of The Troon Uprisings, however, in the face of renewed hostilities, GESTAPO was reformed with a new organization, with Taylor as lead. Several new agents were recruited, as well as re-establishing old assets from GESTAPO and IRON CURTAIN.

MOTHER operated continuously throughout 2019 until December 23rd 2022, when the agency was shuttered by The DIRECTOR at FATHERs behest due to lingering corruption, complacency, and lack of mission. The organization was restructured, but only a few weeks later Taylor stepped down as DIRECTOR, effectively ending the agency.

Agencies of MOTHER


The Council of MOTHER that oversees all operations and agents and initiates judgement in situations where needed. The seated members of FATHER mostly included veteran agents from VIGIL and IRON CURTAIN. FATHER maintains the most strict security of all branches of MOTHER, having no electronic communication, meeting only face to face. As such, none of the members of FATHER are known, and their only communication is via the Director of MOTHER.


The HUMINT apparatus of MOTHER was known as SISTER and employed a network of moles and informants who operated on private channels and personal contact to relay information back to MOTHER. SISTER agents were active in hundreds of Discords, game guilds, and miscellaneous groups.

  • BLACK BOOK: BLACK BOOK was a secure repository of dossiers on MOTHER targets gathered from all other branches. Access was limited strictly to the Director of MOTHER.
  • BLACK VAULT: As of May 2020, THE BLACK VAULT was taken under MOTHER control from The Swift Archives to serve as a cold storage for mostly declassified intelligence from former ops and even former iterations of the agency. Access remained limited however at the discretion of the Director of SISTER.


As the twin of SISTER, BROTHER was a classified SIGINT project experimenting with data gathering and analytics. Details are mostly unknown except to the upper echelon of FATHER.


Originally called The Ministry of Public Enlightenment, AUNT was the hearts and minds division of MOTHER that deals with matters of branding and outreach.


UNCLE, like BROTHER, was a engineering based agency tasked with research, development, and possible implementation of strategies and tools required to assist BMW in competitive environments.


Initially a sub-agency of UNCLE, NEPHEW developed solutions and software for above the board applications in BMW, such as the Discord bots & website infrastructure .


Resurrected from the original version that oversaw Friend Zone, the internal oversight apparatus of The WIDEVERSE protected the members, oversaw politics, and guided internal workings of the groups. VIGIL also oversaw potential groups fit for acquisition, merger, or otherwise. VIGIL sub-agencies often worked hand in hand with both BROTHER and SISTER when dealing with outside groups.

Sub-agencies of VIGIL include:

  • DRAKA: The unit assigned to overseeing the successful implementation of Operation: Thralls Deep. Mothballed after the creation of WIDEFORCE in January of 2021 and the absorption of DRAKAs duties into WIDEFORCES officers.
  • ASTERIA: A proposed unit to oversee operations in Star Citizen.
  • DWAYNA: Guild Wars 2 unit

Purpose and Philosophy

MOTHER in all its incarnations always existed purely to protect the WIDEVERSE in whatever form it took, be it a World of Warcraft guild or Discord group. To meet those ends, many times unsavory methods such as infiltration, misinformation, and outright bullying had to be employed.

Notable Events

  • Summer 2007: Infiltration of DISEASE and decimation of its ranks
  • January 2013: VIGIL briefs Shelarahn on the possibility of a takeover by Check Please
  • Fall 2013: IC agents collaborate with other rabble rousers in taking over a popular roleplaying radio show on Emerald Dream, rebranding it COMMUNISM RADIO until administrators of the site stepped in
  • March 7th 2016: Spies infiltrating Woofingtons Discord are outed, leading to the formation of BMWs own Discord
  • December 2016: Westworld Discord is found, revealing the beginning of The Wonkas treachery
  • June 27th 2018: GESTAPO agents are able to warn BMW leadership about the impending Wonka Uprising, mitigating most the damage
  • April 21st 2019: Sauce is outed via a sting operation leaking GESTAPO opsec and doxxing Bimmers, resulting in The Sauce Affair
  • Christmas Eve 2019: BROTHER prototype is revealed
  • January 2020: A set of MOTHER agents in Bread and Roses leaks their Discord to Kiwifarms
  • April 1st 2021: MOTHER hands an ultimatum to ADL forcing him to step down from leadership of BMW, an event that became known as The Fools Coup.
  • December 23rd 2022: MOTHER is decommissioned by The DIRECTOR
  • January 1st 2023: MOTHER restructure is considered, and quickly abandoned
  • January 11th 2023: Taylor steps down as DIRECTOR and MOTHER is abandoned