Fools Coup

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The Fools Coup

Alex lamenting his ousting
DateApril 1st 2020
MOTHER Discord & DMs
 MOTHER  Wideboys
Commanders and leaders
MOTHERTaylor Swift
Wideboys ADL

The Fools Coup was a peaceful takeover of WIDEBOYS from ADL after months of increasing concern from MOTHER over his mental state and ability to lead.


Calls had began as early as December of 2019 for Taylor to return to power as leader of BMW. Taylor was however hesitant at this, for many reasons, predominant among them that he frankly didnt desire to be at the top anymore. However, after several more months of ADLs erratic behavior, including MOTHER agents discovering a plot by ADL to potentially invite GDN bot to the Discord as an "April Fools Joke" led The Directorate of MOTHER to take action.

On the afternoon of April 1st, the 3 leading section chiefs of MOTHER; CST, Prude, and Taylor approached ADL in a group Discord to discuss his potentially stepping down peacefully. Negotiating the transfer was tough, as ADL felt he would be exiled from the community if he relinquished his power. In time, he gave in to MOTHERS requests and handed over control of the Discord to Taylor, ending his 2 year reign.


Taylor returning to leadership saw the creation of The WideKing, the first first sole and undisputed leader of BMW since its inception, solidifying Taylors figurehead status that he had long held.

Alexs loss of power and his increasingly confrontational nature eventually led to his exit in A Clockwork Meltdown.