Emerald Dream Invasion

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Emerald Dream Invasion
DateAugust 30th, 2014
Emerald Dream
 COMMUNISM Emerald DreamED Cabal
Commanders and leaders
Emerald DreamIllskane
Emerald DreamDragarg
Units involved
40~ COMMUNISTS Unknown Legions of shadowy plotters

The Emerald Dream Invasion was the final large scale operation for COMMUNISM in World of Warcraft and the end of the arc of Warcraft being the primary anchor game of the WIDEVERSE.

Background & Arrival

The seeds of returning to WoW were planted not long after Wildstar began falling apart. COMMIECRAFT had been the primary backup game to Wildstar, but wasn't driving the recruitment that Shelarahn wanted. So with the release of Warlords of Draenor, Dianic suggested that the COMMUNISTS go to Emerald Dream, one of the larger servers in terms of population in 2014. The existing guild <Communism> was found and disbanded for <COMMUNISM> to be established in its place. With the launch of Warlords in late 2014, COMMUNISM fully began playing on ED, with the ironic exception of Dianic who suddenly went to play with an old group of friends, disappearing from COMMUNISM forever.

COMMUNISM vs The Cabal

As was the case with Pergo, COMMUNISMS primary avenue of recruitment started on the official Blizzard forums for Emerald Dream. However, unlike Pergo, Emerald Dream was a very devout roleplaying server with an equally devout roleplaying community. As a result, they became immediately hostile to COMMUNISMS antics and their lack of respect for RPing. The first thread generated instant controversy and was constantly being derailed by detractors who would spam report the thread and dislike all non-ED native posts. Further inflaming them was the individual gimmicks the COMMUNISTS developed like Jesusboii and Sicaris "Japanese School Girl" RP. It was long suspected that The Cabal, the in group/clique of Emerald Dream veterans, had a forums mod who was close to them who would more than willingly close and delete threads at their beheast.

The Cucking of Firemagic

On the in-game side of the community, Horde had a Trade chat super start by the name of Firemagic who was like the COMMUNISTs but much gayer and not in the good ways. He would however frequently visit the COMMUNISM Mumble and banter with the boys, but many times it would turn sour as he felt as though he was being bullied. To exacerbate this, the COMMUNISTs started spreading the rumor that Nuggsbunny (in this scenario a large black man) had stolen his girlfriend from him and "cucked" him. The rumor gained quick traction among Horde side as an inside joke, even resulting in tshirts being made. Firemagic eventually stopped hanging out with the COMMUNISTs and just cried in Trade chat.

HaX Radio Takeover

The Cabal of ED featured a weekly radio show hosted by schizophrenic middle aged woman Illskane. Several sources close to the radio show eventually presented Shelarahn with the opportunity to "take over" the radio station during one of their larger broadcasts regarding the launch of Warlords of Draenor. The COMMUNISTs seized on the opportunity and as soon as she went live, the station was seized and broadcasted with an hour or so of shitposts and Soviet anthems before the stations host retook the account and restored it to Illskane.

COMMIE Burn Out & Aftermath

Despite successes outside of the game, COMMUNISM never gained any real traction in raiding or really any other kind of in-game aspect that didn't involve Trade Chat. As such, there was never any significant recruitment in terms of players, quickly leading to the COMMUNISTs burning out on the game. Prude was the first to quit, handing off the guild to Shelarahn, who not long after would also quit, placing the helm on Pigeon. However, the guild ultimately went nowhere and was later claimed by a random due to inactivity from the Guild Master and disbanded.



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