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Years active2015-2018
COMMUNISM, BMW, Something Awful (Formerly)

Gmach was one of the original members of BMW and a long time right hand man to Taylor Swift. However, after returning from a melty during the BEEFY TROUBLES, he began a new persona of being an idiot, which eventually led to another flame out.



G-Mach leaves his mark on the outside of the DREADFORT.

Gmach began as one of the countless Goons who joined in the first few weeks of the Conquest of Rusty Bottoms. Originally a reserved character, he quickly became a mainstay personality as he became more and more involved, specifically in conjunction with Taylor. As BMW entered its Fall Hiatus, G-Mach became one of the few Bimmers to be recruited into COMMUNISM, which at the time was still operating as a separate entity. He and Taylor spent much of the hiatus raiding on Bishyalers server, and when BMW returned in December, became the new defacto heads of BMW.

The BEEFY Troubles

In mid-July of 2016, G-Mach and Prude began feuding, ultimately leading to Gmach leaving BMW, which itself led to The BEEFY Troubles.

Return & Eventual Meltdown

On December 16th 2016, GMach returned to BMW to much fanfare, but was a completely different poster. His persona had an air of malice and flippancy that came off as uncaring and insincere. His most ardent defenders claimed it was due to irl circumstances, and being removed from the dramas of online, but more astute onlookers recognized it as a man who had a grudge but no where left to go. The ensuing months were spent with him and The Wonkas lobbying to get Prude and Succ rebanned (who themselves had rejoined not long after). Gmach eventually had a second meltdown from not being allowed to abuse his admin powers against the duo.

Wonka Uprising

G-Mach once again reappeared in the wake of The Wonka Uprising, smugly proclaiming he was right about Taylor the entire time, a post that would go on to influence the branding of the newly formed Discord into Wonkacord. By the time of The Sauce Affair, Gmach had been again inactive for several months.