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Hosted byTaylor, Prude
StarringKimsemus, Jack. Capri Sun Tzu, Mezmerize
GenreComedy, Politics
Preceded byThe COMMIECAST
Opening themeRed Menace 3
Original releaseNovember 2nd, 2021 (Unofficially), January 7th, 2022 (First official stream) – present
Related showsBimmercast
WebsiteYouTube Stream

The BEEFY BOYS (Not to be confused with the group BEEFY BOYS) is the official podcast and weekly stream of The WIDEVERSE.


The beginnings of The BEEFY BOYS podcast stretches back to just after the unofficial end of The COMMIECAST in 2014. The WIDEVERSE had long planned for a sequel or continuation of the original podcast that never came to fruition, including the planning for The Bimmercast of which many ideas and segment were later used as part of The BEEFY BOYS.

Season 1

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The SIRLOIN STREAM: 90/10 Edition

Due to scheduling issues and continuing internet issues, The BEEF STREAM went into a short hiatus starting on September 1st, 2022 with a stripped down version (Less fat, thus sirloin) of the show streaming exclusively on on Monday nights at 10CST.

Season 2

The BEEFY BOYS Podcast

The BEEF STREAM: After Dark

Constrained by the content limitations of Twitch, the crew opted to move certain controversial segments to a second stream immediately following the show on Friday nights to, a streaming website owned by members of and friends of BB.W. The show debuted on May 27th.


The Snake Pit

Debuting as part of the AFTER DARK stream on June 10th, The Snake Pit was originally envisioned as its own full fledged show to highlight notable Fediverse drama, but was later reduced to just a segment.

The Snake Pits most controversial episode came on July 8th as part of the Nonce of Poast Debacle.

A5 Anime

Taylor Plays His Steam Library