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The BEEF STREAM Season 3 Logo
Hosted byTaylor
StarringPrude, Tony, Tim
GenreComedy, Pop Culture
Preceded byThe COMMIECAST
Opening themeRed Menace 3
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes100 + Specials
Original releaseNovember 2nd, 2021 (Unofficially), January 7th, 2022 (First official stream) – present
ProviderWidehaus Media Group
Related showsBimmercast
WebsiteYouTube Stream

The BEEF STREAM (Originally The BEEFY BOYS, not to be confused with the group BEEFY BOYS) is the official podcast and weekly stream of The WIDEVERSE that chronicles news relevant to the community as well as happenings with members of WIDEVERSE themselves.


The COMMIECAST was The WIDEVERSE's first foray into the world of podcasting, and while successful, had no staying power due to a myriad of reasons ranging from lack of enthusiasm to poor coordination on recording and editing. It died after 4 episodes and a video special and the concept was largely forgotten for several years. After the Color Coup, the Bimmercast was proposed by members of BMW, to serve as a successor to the COMMIECAST. Initial plans surfaced after the Bimmers trolling of Jim Lockwood in December of 2017, going as far as to have community members produce bumper music. However, the project never saw the light of day.

In 2022, The BEEFY BOYS podcast launched, incorporating many of The Bimmercasts proposed elements as well as the ad hoc nature of The COMMIECAST.

Season 1

The first season of The BEEFY BOYS was envisioned to cover both politics and popular culture, although usually focusing mostly on the former. This began to change towards the end of Season 1 as the hosts, mostly Taylor, grew weary of discussing the same issues ad nauseum and giving such a platform to things they hate instead of things that were enjoyed like video games and anime. Most political and internet drama was moved to AFTER DARK.

The SIRLOIN STREAM: 90/10 Edition

Due to scheduling conflicts and continuing internet issues, The BEEF STREAM went into a short hiatus starting on September 1st, 2022 with a stripped down version (Less fat, thus sirloin) of the show streaming exclusively on on Monday nights at 10CST. The show continued throughout the month until October 3rd, where the show went into a full hiatus until December.

Season 2

With a new day picked around Prudes schedule and the installation of fiber to Taylor's office, the show was finally allowed to return on December 3rd, 2022.

Season 3

Recurring Segments

What Happens Here?

Pulling out ye olde Google Maps, the boys pick a random country, state, or even city to browse while looking in on its landmarks, though usually it's just restaurants. A recurring bit of the "map chat" is finding pictures of attractive women in the submitted photos and being weird about them.

Tay's Kino Korner

Taylor talks about a movie he watched over the previous week, usually an older film at home, though sometimes new releases in theatres.

This Week In Food

Most shows, mostly starting in Season 2, begin with the hosts discussing things they ate or cooked during the week. Frequently features Taylor talking about restaurants he's tried or one of the boys trying something interesting they found at the grocery store like Warheads soda.

A5 Anime

With every new anime season, the lads review the previous seasons anime and scour through MyAnimeList in search of the next seasons bangers and darkhorses. Especially exceptional animes get standalone reviews, usually written and hosted by Taylor.