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PredecessorGorzhakcraft 2
FormationOctober 24, 2021; 2 years ago (2021-10-24)

WIDECRAFT is the official WIDEBOYS Minecraft server, meant to replace various other attempts at hosting the game. The server attempts to create a perpetual Minecraft world that never wipes by utilizing the popular plugin Multiverse. The server will remain persistent, continuing to support and host old worlds, as well as allowing for new worlds to be created for new content releases.



The original server was run after Gorzhak sent the backup of his Minecraft server to Taylor, who uploaded it to a 3rd party host, with the intention of later self hosting when possible. A testing period was established as different server jars and plugins were trialed, finally settling on using PaperMC, as well as many QoL plugins and datapacks. The alpha ran from October 24th 2021 to November 30th, when the server was shifted to a completely vanilla setup for 1.18 while waiting for plugins to update

WIDECRAFT Beta (Public Release)

After a few days of the server running 1.18 Vanilla, Paper was sufficiently updated to a stable point on December 3rd, allowing the closed phase of the beta to begin. After the release of 1.18.1, the server was considered stable and safe enough for the public launch, which was announced via BEEFYBOYS.club the afternoon of December 11th.

The Open Beta period ran until September 15th on a 3rd party host, taken down in anticipation of being transferred to WIDESERVER in Q4.


The proposed infrastructure for the post-fiber WIDECRAFT. Was cancelled in 2023 with most other outstanding WIDESERVER projects.

WIDECRAFT officially launched out of its "testing" phase on December 2nd 2022 with the installation of fiber at Taylor's office, allowing the server to be hosted onsite.


Old Southland

Old Southland is perhaps the oldest map in The WIDERVERSE, dating itself back to early 2011 from a small server set up by Taylor and Prude. The map has since been used in several other servers like FriendCraft as well as the shortlived TayPack.


A saved version of the 2018 Vanilla map, Bimmercraft showcases the server hosted in The WIDEVERSE back in 2018.


View of Jacktown from the Old XP Farm.

Buhuistan serves as the defacto "main world". Taken from the original Minecraft Realm hosted by Gorzhak in 2019, Buhuistan has a long rich history of builds such as Gorzhaks Vape Cave and Taylors New Southland Manor.

Buhuistan is also the location of the servers spawn area where portals to all the linked worlds can be found.

The Widelands

Lake Tuscaloosa seen from the promenade of Southland Manor at The Widelands.

The 1.18 update required a total world overhaul due to changes in terrain generation as well as new caves and underground biomes. The Widelands was created to replace the aging Buhuistan.


Sevier County

Creative World

A place for players to build whatever they want, however they want, Creative World allows WIDECRAFTERS to go into Creative Mode and build to their hearts delight.

The Depths

A map with no surface and no sunlight, The Depths appeals to the Dwarf Fort enthusiast who cant get enough of caves and darkness. The Depths map was expected to be released sometime in December 2021, but was delayed until after 1.19 to take advantage of the new underground cities and biomes.

Minigame Lobby

Planned to be introduced in late 2022 with WIDECRAFT 2.0, the Minigame Lobby will connect players to multiple minigame based worlds like Infinity Dungeon as well as various adventure and PvP maps.