The First Week Slaughter

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The First Week Slaughter

Remains of the first DREADFORT
DateMay 25th 2015 - May 28th 2015 (3 days)
Result Mixed Victories, First DREADFORT raided
 BMW Random Streamers
ThatConleyKid Crew
Commanders and leaders
BMW Kimsemus ThatConleyKid
~ 20 Bimmers Countless randos and streamer simps
Casualties and losses
1 DREADFORT, 2 Bimmers banned Heavy Losses

The First Week Slaughter was a series of campaigns executed by BMW in the first week after the organization resulting from the combination of existing clans from Goon Playground who formed a truce and merged after the Playground Wars. Though largely a failure, many lessons were learned during the campaign that influenced BMWs later tactics on Rusty Bottoms.


When Goon Playground began stagnating due to increased Goon infighting and the lack of any new pubbies, a coalition was formed among the largest of the clans to create a larger megaclan to then go on to play on public servers. The first server chosen after this merger was owned by a streamer named Psisyndicate, that was heavily populated by other streamers, which was what led the Bimmers to the server in the first place. Early on in BMWs history, Cal Worthington proposed hunting down streamers and raiding their bases via "stream sniping". This was a highly effective method and provided many laughs.

As most of the members of BMW were new to each other in the capacity of cooperating and not fighting, the goings were slow as leaders emerged from the frey. Most notable at the time was Kimsemus, the former leader of GM who was first to take charge and lead the Bimmers through the frozen wilderness. He found a spot suitable for his clans signature DREADFORT, and had the Bimmers make miniscule improves to the original design. Among one of the traditions established in the first wipe was the process of setting up a small temporary shelter, or "shit shack", and naming it after a popular fast food chain, in this case Pizza Hut.

Streamer Fights

Not a day after the Bimmers arrived, the DREADFORT was raided while the Bimmers were offline by a group of streamers, who streamed the entire thing (the VOD has since been lost since archiving efforts were minimal at the time). BMW was able to partially rebuild because the streamers didnt make it all they way to the loot room and at the time in Rust, taking out a bases foundations did not cause the entire base to collapse.

In holding with the ideas that led the Bimmers to the server, they began hunting down a streamer named ThatConleyKid who had a very large compound in the desert, that was systemically raided by the Bimmers due to their knowledge of the bases layout thanks to his streams.

Kimsemus & Taylor Banned

Stream sniping, however, was heavily frowned upon by the community, especially one set up by a fellow streamer. The act was tough to prove though, but TheConleyKid cried hard enough to the admins that they took the charges seriously and looked into BMW. They restored much of Conleys base and loot, much to the anger of BMW. Kimsemus first outed himself as stream sniping by mocking Conley for being a pissbitch and as a result, Kimsemus was banned from the server. Not one to be left out of controversy, Taylor Swift too mocked Conley, resulting in his ban as well.

With its primary leader banned, BMW had no choice but not move on from the server. Cal Worthington again took up the mantle to hunt down streamers, leading BMW to the Conquest of Rusty Bottoms.