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Taylors unjustified raid on Jack
DateDecember 25th, 2015
Thunderdome Server
Result Decisive GMFORD win
Commanders and leaders
GAYTaylor Swift
FORDCal Worthington
Units involved
5~ Homos 5~ GMFORDers
Casualties and losses
Total Limited

The GMFORD-GAY WAR was a brief skirmish during The 2015 Hiatus that occurred on Bishaylers THUNDERDOME server, on Christmas week of 2015.


When BMW took its 2015 Fall Hiatus, most all Rust adventures came to a crawl, aside from a brief attempt at a revival of The Thunderdome Server and The NAMBLA War before most members left to play Fallout 4. Towards the end of December 2015, however, Bimmers began circulating back to The Thunderdome Server to try and get Rust going again. Most notably, the trio of clans that formed to create BMW returned: GM, FORD, and of course, GAY.

Taylor executing the sleeping GMFORD soldiers.

Hostilities began immediately when Korva took up beef with GAY, and threatened to rain destruction upon them. Matters only got worse after a few days of banter, until finally, Taylor raided Jack's poorly built base. This prompted the GM and FORD members on the server to join together as GMFORD, going as far to even building a mini-DREADFORT, which was solo raided by Taylor. It was later revealed that Cal Worthington had managed to smuggle out some of the better supplies, preventing a total loss.

Christmas Day Slaughter

In retaliation, GMFORD swore to take down THE GAY FORT using the remnants of the supplies taken before Taylor could render their mini-DREADFORT uninhabitable. The attack came swift on Christmas night, around 11PM. Taylor, in typical fashion, was lagging and unable to fight in any meaningful capacity. The remaining fighters, Peaches, Gmach, and Prude attempted to fend off the raiders, but were unable due to the skill gap between the two groups with Taylor removed from the fight.

The raid was quick and total, due to Prudes inability to complete exterior defenses in time and other interior vulnerabilities.


Given the circumstances, the fallout from the war was very minimal. Taylor was butthurt for a few days, but most everyone else forgot about the raid almost immediately. After the raid both groups more or less disbanded, and within a month BMW was completely reformed.