The Xyelzocaust

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The Xyelzocaust
Part of Conquest of Rusty Bottoms
DateJune 2nd - June 22nd 2015 (2 weeks and 6 days)
Result Decisive BMW Victory
 BMW Xyelz Crew
Commanders and leaders
BMW Capitaler
BMW Cal Worthington
BMW Taylor Swift
~ 80 Bimmers ~20 Pubbies and stream simps
Casualties and losses
Limited to cosmetic base damage and a few gun battle losses Heavy losses leading to eventually leaving the server

The Xyelzocaust was a series of battles between the SomethingAwful Rust group BMW and Twitch streamer Xyelz on Rusty Bottoms server. It is widely considered to be one of the most famous and pivotal moments in early BMW history.



Hunting streamers had long been the raison d'ĂȘtre of BMW, who had been brought to Rusty Bottoms for that very purpose, hunting the streamer Jaq. After a short battle between the two, Jaq had gone, and BMW needed a new target. Word of a new streamer named Xyelz reached BMW leadership in late May, who immediately began scouting the new target.

Sign Wall Slaughter

Xyelz constructing his wall of viewers.

Hostilities between the two groups began when Capitaler, Prude, and Cal Worthington hunted down Xyelz while he was streaming, putting signs on the front of his base depicting various viewers of his stream. The 3 harasses Xyelz for an hour blaring the usual mic spam and shooting down him and his signs.

Small provocations like this would persist for some days.

FUKBMW Counter-attack

On June 2nd, Xyelz joined a colition of other desperate pubbies, including a few former members of TSBS in an attempt to raid the DREADFORT under the banner of [FUKBMW]. Xyelz, of course, streamed the entire raid, giving BMW advanced warning who easily repelled the invaders who shot at the DREADFORT for about an hour before being completely pushed from the walls. Damage to the compound was light, with none to the DREADFORT itself and casualties at a minimum.

The DREADFORT Siege & BMWs Revenge

The next week, during a fresh wipe after BMW had relocated from the frozen north to the airfield, Xyelz and his crew once again attempted to take down the DREADFORT. It was midafternoon when most Bimmers were offline, and the small group managed to get into the center of the DREADFORT, but only up to the 3rd floor before being pushed back. Cal Worthington and Rej held the line for almost 2 hours before backup arrived, Taylor and the fresh Bimmers easily dispatching the remaining forces.

The Suicide Mission

Yet another week later, Xyelz launched a final desperate all out attack against The DREADFORT, this time barely making it past the first few armoured layers of the based before being pincered by Capitaler and Taylor.

The Xyelz Anthology

In December of 2015, as part of reviving interest in Rust, Taylor put together a compilation of the war against Xyelz in a 5 part series of videos using clips from Xyelz' stream.